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and run, higher jump.* NPC Looting.* AMK Sleeping Bag.* Dezowaves No More Fences.* Pistol Iron Sights (Karstux).* Inventory Icons and Items...


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and run, higher jump.* NPC Looting.* AMK Sleeping Bag.* Dezowaves No More Fences.* Pistol Iron Sights (Karstux).* Inventory Icons and Items from CS Enhanced.* Medkits, Bandages and Antirads changed - only accessible from the Inventory and each use has much smaller effect than original plus there are side effects.* Swamp faction war tweaked to make CS take the entire swamp including Northern Farmstead (I think from Decane).* Weapon sounds - many weapon sounds altered - some animation / reload sounds synchronised that were bad - these adjustments are not taken from other mods but some of the sounds have been taken from various sources.* Weapon configs and ammo configs tweaked as well as some descriptions altered.* Some NPC tweaks - bandits are a bit harder to kill, npcs stand up to mutants better.* Mutants tweaks - some are more aggressive and some are a tad more difficult to kill.Known bugs: 1. Lebedev will reappear after leaving the room at the beginning of a new game - he disappears after a short while.2. Crosshair doesn't stay turned off between level loads / game loads.My original work here is strictly limited to weapon, ammo, npc, mutant and items config tweaks - I make no special claim to those config changes - the rest is from various other mods as Ive indicated.Acknowledgements:DecaneDezowaveKarstuxRemcovalienempyr- and any others are welcome to identify themselves and I apologise if I've overlooked any specific permissions requirements which if any will be unintentional oversight.

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8 months ago by Chuppa

This was an early version of my own efforts to tweak CS to my taste - I did end up with a much better version but at that time CS OGSM came out which is IMO the perfect version as a replacement for original CS. I then had my HDD go bad and lost my final verision of Chuppa CS - destined to become Clear Sky PLUS - before I got to upload it (cry!!). IF you want to persevere with a look at Chuppa CS, Crosshair reappearing is because of two lines in bind_stalker.script not being commented out / removed (use  edit/find/crosshair to quickly find two lines that are above another two lines that are commented out - put double dash in front of those two lines referring to to crosshair - or get hold of unpacked bind_stalker.script and compare the two).  Lebedev reappearing is because I changed the time factor in alife.ltx but didn't make the starting time later - ie. set starting time to 8:30 and Lebedev shouldn't reappear.   Chuppa CS is probably a good starting point for anyone to build their own mod as it's based on SRP and has a solid base of features to kick off from. Rgds, Chuppa.

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