Clear Sky: Game Database Unpacker



Game Database Unpacking Utility for both STALKER: Clear Sky This allows you to unpack all the game files to disk to allow you to edit them and so you can make your own MODs. Enjoy!

The full credit goes to a 3rd party of which I don't know the name, for now I will thank Jarvis for getting me the original link to this file.



How to unpack the entire game?

-make sure that you have at least 6 gb free on the disk where the game is installed
-copy the "unpacker" folder into the game folder
-go into the "unpacker" folder
-run "CS_full_unpack.bat"


X-Ray game asset converter (Apr 27 2008) 
Usage: converter <common-options> <format-specific-options> <input-objects> 

Common options: 
-ro perform all the steps but do not write anything on disk 
-fs <SPEC> use this file system specification file (default is fsconverter.ltx) 
-out <PATH> output file name (OGF, OMF, DM and DB pack) 
-dir <PATH> output folder name (OGF, OMF, DM and DB unpack) 

OGF options: 
-ogf assume OGF format for input file(s) 
-object save as .object file (default) 
-skls save all motions as .skls file 
-skl <NAME> save motion <NAME> as .skl file 
-bones save all bones as .bones file 

OMF options: 
-omf assume OMF format for input file(s) 
-skls save all motions as .skls file (default) 
-skl <NAME> save motion <NAME> as .skl file 

DM options: 
-dm assume DM format for input file(s) 
-object save as .object file (default) 
-info display shader, texture and min/max scale 

Level options: 
-level assume game level format 
-geom_raw separate sectors and terrain (default) 
-geom_le separate continuous objects and merge fake colliders 
-geom_le_alt merge objects more aggressively 
-geom_maya split geometry in continuous texture-merged meshes 
-with_lods create LOD textures for MU models as well 

OGG/WAV options: 
-ogg2wav restore *.wav/*.thm in $sounds$ using *.ogg from $game_sounds$ 

DDS/TGA options: 
-dds2tga restore *.tga in $textures$ using *.dds from $game_textures$ 
-with_solid convert non-transparent images as well 

DB options: 
-unpack unpack game archive (expects list of file names) 
-pack pack game archive (expects folder name) 
-11xx assume 1114/1154 archive format (unpack only) 
-2215 assume 2215 archive format (unpack only) 
-2945 assume 2945 archive format (unpack only) 
-2947ru assume release version format 
-2947ww assume world-wide release version format 
-xdb assume .xdb archive format

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