Clear Sky Reloaded

Inspired by the experience offered by mods like LURK and Complete 2009, Stalker CS Reloaded aims to provide Clear sky as it should be, all,...


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Inspired by the experience offered by mods like LURK and Complete 2009, Stalker CS Reloaded aims to provide Clear sky as it should be, all, whether the field of graphics, optimization, and the gameplay has been designed to offer the definitive Hardcore experience of STALKER Clear Sky, the mod is progressing rapidly and with your feedback and comments I hope to soon offer a version 1.0 reference! The main change is the latest work so much on the gameplay with a complete overhaul of all aspects of the game to improve gameplay and make changes at depths on the ballistic, the economy, the war of factions. First mod was balanced to provide a scalable game experience may be suitable for all players seeking a Part optimized only to those who want a complete overhaul of the gaming experience. Here is a list of additions: - Massive bugfix with ZRP project. - Ballistic completely redesigned to be realistic and balanced. - The type of ammunition has become more important. - Complete overhaul of the AI with many bug fixes and the ability to use much better than previously covered. - The economy has been completely redesigned. - The artifacts are more important. - The war of factions has been completely reworked. - Changing the medical system to be more hardcore and oriented like a RPG. - Make monsters less resistant but more aggressive. - Modifies the rewards of quests. - Every game is now harder and the reward is really exploit all of the possibilities. Features: - Added a sleeping bag. - Added ironsight. - The artifacts can be found (rarely) on the bodies of stalkers. - The detectors have been reworked. To maximize the potential of the engine, the great weather system developed by Artistpavel is integrated into the mod and is enhanced with many new textures and improved contrast ratio. Everything is optimized to avoid drop FPS in-game. The shaders have been reworked from work Float32 Gosuke to correct errors and optimize graphics performance. Some malfunctioning effects on DX10 were reintroduced. Changes of texture were the main objective of the mod. Absolutely all the textures have been reworked from the best work of the community and adding many new HD textures. The mod therefore includes more than 2,500 new textures in very high quality and with a maximum resolution to increase the size of some perfomances textures has been reduced while reworking their looks to gain fluency and quality. The textures of the weapons have also been completely redone to emphasize the "damaged" aspect while making them more true to real life models. Special Thanks to argus, Artistpavel, NMC and 4Aces for their fantastic work ! To maintain and improve the sound environment of Stalker. All of the sound effects, footsteps, collisions, voice, monsters, natural sounds, detectors were replaced by new high quality sounds. The music themes has been replaced by tracks from Fallout, Metro 2033 and others to amplify the immersion, and the the sounds of firearms have been fully reworked for greater realism with new high quality sounds, the sounds of reloading have been replaced to be more synchronized with the animation and sound effects of impacts were replaced.

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