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HAVE NOT TESTED THE MOD ON PREVIOUS VERSIONS! Main modifications include:- 12 new suits have been added to the game! Several of these suit...


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HAVE NOT TESTED THE MOD ON PREVIOUS VERSIONS! Main modifications include:- 12 new suits have been added to the game! Several of these suits were available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. Each suit has the correct skin and realistic properties. All suits can be upgraded and they can be purchased from traders. Most of these suits have the correct inventory picture as well.- TWO new artifacts added to the game! The new artifacts are the Spring and the Pellicle, both of which were in SoC. The properties for the Spring are as follows: - Max Weight: +50 kg - Impact: +30 - Rupture: +30 - Bulletproof Cap: +30 - Explosion: +30 - Price: 50000 RU The Impact/Rupture/Bulletproof Cap/Explosion properties DO NOT show up in the inventory, but they really do exist. The Pellicle's properties are unchanged, but the price has been changed. - Chemical: +30 - Price: 30000 RU Look for these artifacts in places where they were in the old game. They can also be purchased from the trader in the Red Forest (mining tunnel), and they appear in a few secret stashes. DO NOT DROP THE PELLICLE ARTIFACT! DOING SO WILL CRASH THE GAME! You can safely buy them, sell them, and stash them though.- Many existing suit stats have been changed.- Weapon stats and upgrades have been changed for further realism.- Weapon and suit prices changed for more realism.- Nearly every artifact has new properties, and many artifact prices have been changed!- Many traders have new equipment and prices. Check out the trader in the Red Forest mining tunnel. He sells a variety of rare weapons and artifacts, including the two new ones. The Clear Sky trader also has much better equipment, and every faction trader sells items that their faction's fighters use. Sakharov sells a huge variety of suits, including most new Exoskeletons. He and the Clear Sky trader both sell the Gauss gun.- New starting equipment. You now start with a Bandit jacket (skin has been changed to the long coat) and a Vintar BC, which Scar (protagonist) is seen carrying in the opening cutscene. You also start with three special artifacts.- Several faction relations have been changed. The Military, the Renegades, and the Bandits in Limansk are neutral to the player, if the player is not in a faction and has not angered that faction. The Mercenaries are allies to the player.- Changed most stashes, better content in most of them.- Clear Sky faction and Monolith faction have been made much more powerful. Beware of the Monolith! They can quickly seize the Military Warehouses.- Several technicians can upgrade a slightly larger variety of weapons and armor.- Top of the line weapons have been made much more reliable.

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