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changed.Hit power has been changed to be more appropriate to the weapon class.Bullet speeds and range have been increased to match ammo clas...


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changed.Hit power has been changed to be more appropriate to the weapon class.Bullet speeds and range have been increased to match ammo class.Sniper rifles now have 10x scopes, hit harder and greater range. Very deadly!ALL rifles have multi fire rates, except sniper (SVD and SVU).PKM (RPK) now has multi fire rate, single, burst and auto. Now has zoom Ironsight with closer tolerance in that mode plus the ability to sprint with it in relaxed mode. Has a slightly higher hit power, more appropriate to its weapon class. It does not have silencer capability. 16x9 values NOT tested nor can I assure they will work in widescreen, don't have a widescreen monitor.ALL rifles now have silencer capability (some via tech upgrade only) and all tech mods are available to use. Exception to the silencer is rifles that already have a silencer permanatly installed and sniper rifles. Bear in mind that some tech mods may have an effect that works against another, so choose wisely. Also most upgrade factors have been improved and costs have been changed accordingly to improvement.IE: Rifles can carry more ammo in a clip with upgrade, but the cost to do this has gone up dependent on the weapon and the number of rounds added.Standard scopes are improved in power.IE: a 2x = 4x, 4x = 6x. Exception is the FN2000/G36 scope which is really in 5x, not powers of 6. Yes.... a mystery to me, something hard coded.(A note on scopes, I discovered a glitch with the tech upgrade scopes for sniping and wide field view. If you buy the 6x or 1.6x scope from a tech... it will work, BUT DO NOT UPGRADE the rifle afterwards or you will lose that scopes upgrade power, even if you just put a silencer on it! It WILL revert to standard power scope of 4x. So buy that scope as your last upgrade. This is a glitch even in vanilla STALKER. I have no fix for this yet, but am working on it.)New weapons and weapon upgrade XML TEXT that reflects the weapon a little more accurate. Didn't change .dds icon files with this release to reflect changes. English text only, sorry.IE: in L85A1, tech upgrade SUSAT Scope upgrade icon shows 4x when it really is a 6x, though text is correct. Be mindful of the glitch I mentioned above!Binoculors have been given a 10x power rating.Grenade launchers have a slightly bettr range and hit impulse radius.Silencers.... they go phhttt, what else can I say.Knife is stronger and has a slightly better reach.RPG and grenades not added to this mod.

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