STALKER CS post-NPP saved game

This is not a mod, just a saved game for modders.

This was intended for testing weapons mods, but is not limited to that use.


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File Description

This is not a mod, just a saved game for modders.

This was intended for testing weapons mods, but is not limited to that use.

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Download 'stalker_cs_post_npp_saved_game.rar' (1.11MB)

This is not a mod, just a saved game for modders.

This was intended for testing weapons mods, but is not limited to that use.

This is a vanilla saved game, requires no mods to run and works with STALKER CS
version 1.5.05 (at least in the N. American English language version.)

Saved game description:

- It is after the final boss fight at the nuclear power plant (post-NPP.)
- All factions are friendly or neutral toward the player.
- All faction mechanics have their flash drives and can upgrade to the top-tier.
- All but one of the faction traders are alive.
  (Bandits killed the Agroprom Stalker trader.)
- The player possesses at least one of every weapon, up to five of each weapon.
- The player possesses large amounts of every ammo type, except the RPG.
  (In this playthrough I only found two rockets.)
- The player has over 300,000 rubles.

Notes on using the saved game:

The weapons locker is the blue box between the buildings in the Stalker
headquarters in Cordon.  (The player should be looking at it when the
saved game loads.)  The munitions (and other small fiddling stuff)
locker is the safe in Father Valerian's office.

I fanatically avoided the faction wars and any quests that would make a faction
an enemy. After I completed the game, I found a faction changer mod (arrgghh!)
"Faction Changer Mod by rgggclp."  It works well to quit or join factions
and make factions friendly, hostile or neutral. However, I could not get it
to make mutants or monoliths friendly.  Nevertheless, I highly recommend
this mod when testing your own mods as it can simplify things tremendously.

I tried making the bandits friendly, but this doesn't last.  Any scripted
bandit violence (like muggings) can still take place and change bandits from
friendly to neutral.  My advice is to sprint around bandits or use the
aforementioned mod to make them neutral to gain access to the mechanic.

While Yantar and Army warehouse are free of zombies and realitively quiet,
they are not free of mutants.  The latter continue to spawn even post-NPP.
If you do not want to be bothered by mutants in your testing, chances are
your gun mod has elevated the AKs to a more lethal weapon, making mutants
relatively easy to kill.  Otherwise, I recommend the invulnerability
mod "God Mode + Speed + Jump Height by Kosa53".

I made this saved game using the mod "Freeplay Mod by Ceano" which added
level changers Limansk to Red Forest and NPP to Limansk.  Even without
the mod, the level changers remained in the saved game.  So you can travel
to Limansk and back.

Be advised that there does not appear to be anything that can eliminate
the monolith ambush in Limansk (just before the river-crossing gunfight)
so if you come to a hugh pile of bodies, sprint.  Although the Limansk
construction site is quiet, it has two jump-down spots to prevent the player
from back-tracking.  Some people claim you can jump back up, but I could not,
so you may need to modify the player's jump abilities to return if you go past
this site.

I did not join any factions in this playthrough prior to my discovery of the
Faction Changer mod.  Once I had the Faction Changer, I did join the Freedom
Duty factions, but I performed no faction quests (I just took the weapons and
armors and then quit the faction.)  I have no idea what will happen if you
try and play the faction wars from this point.

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