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First of all, thanks you very much for downloading and try this package. The objective of this Stand Alone Package is to allow everyone to e...


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First of all, thanks you very much for downloading and try this package. The objective of this Stand Alone Package is to allow everyone to easily setup and run a completely free S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Dedicated Server without the need of installing the whole game, and therefore it consume less resources. The main objective in this first release was to reach 1 Gb for the entire uncompressed pack and, as you can see, it is still an objective. Unfortunately, the remaining files of the package that will be removed on the next release are not so huge and taking into account future patches, probably the total size will increase release by release rather than go down. I would like to clarify that this package is not meant for piracy purposes, in fact, it has only the necessary files to run a Dedicated Server, and even some dlls are not here as they are not requested by the application; by so I discard any possibility to obtain any illegal copy of the game from this package.

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Download 'stalker_clear_sky_dedicato.exe' (421.75MB)

Why I should use this package instead of installing the whole game?

Well... sincerely... you do not need this package to run a Dedicated Server, but take into account some points:
You have the possibility to run a Dedicated Server using just 1,2 Gb, instead of occupying 4,20 Gb 
You can run it on the fly, just decompress – without need of any program – and run
It is completely configured, so at least you want to customize some options you do not need any particular skill
Based on my experience, that is why I am doing this, this kind of packages improve the efficiency of the game server, the server would react faster to clients petitions
It is free, you do not need to buy the game anymore in order to run a Dedicated Server. I hope server companies would take this into account when pricing the servers for Clear Sky.

Stop chit-chat Dade, how I start the Dedicated Server?

Now, starting a Dedicated Server for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is really easy. Before you can start the dedicated server there it is just some steps that you must follow:
I.Open fsgame.ltx and change the first string - $app_data_root$ - copying the path where you will place the folder Data which is in the Package Folder. Take for example, the actual path of the package: $app_data_root$=true|false|C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorEscritorioclear skydata
II.As you see, there are four Shortcuts named as the four Game Modes. It would be nice to just click and start the Dedicated Server, but instead we need to change few things. You just need to make right click on any Shortcut, then click Properties. Once there, you just need to modify the path strings to your own ones. Remember, bin folder is needed on those paths, so check you have not erase it.
III.OPTIONAL. I have done this package primarily for STALKERHispano, so the name of servers will appear by default as STALKERHispano, probably you are willing to change it. Then you will just have to go on bin folder and change the value of XX to whatever you want.

When all this has been done, you just need to enter the folder where you have decompressed the package, and double-click on the Game Mode you want to start the server with. Take for example; you and your buddies want to start play the cool Capture the Artifact Game Mode. All you have to do is open the folder of the Dedicated Server, double-click on Capture the Artifact and start combat in the real Zone.

I should say that with first patch 1.5.03, guys at GSC Game World have inserted those cmd files, which do the work for shortcuts, and I just modify some parts in order to let all running in a single package. In addition, they had the detail of inserting explanation of the variables in the same files, but I erased that info and inserted it in this manual for an easier lecture.

Which are this variables and how I use them?

Although you can leave Clear Sky to take most settings from user.ltx, it is far better to choose by yourself the conditions for each Game Mode. We will start taking a look to general variables, and then we go in deep with particular variables:
timelimit - time limit in seconds - (default: 0) 0 = infinite
dmbi - damage block indicators to show - (default: 1)
ans - is anomalies enabled- (default: 1)
anslen - anomaly set time period in minutes - (default: 3)
warmup - warm up time in seconds - (default: 0)
pdahunt - 100 $ for getting players bag - (default: 1)
spectrmds - spectator modes - (default: 5)
estime - start time - (default: 9:00)
dmgblock - damage block time (invincible time) - (default: 0-5)

fraglimit - frags needed to win the match - (default: 10)

Team DeathMatch:
abalance - auto team balance (after finishing the game) - (default: 0)
aswap - auto team swap (after finishing the game) - (default: 1)
fn - friendly names - (default: 0)
ffire - (float) friendly fire - (default: 1.0)
fraglimit - frags needed to win the match - (default: 10)

Artifact Hunt:
abalance - auto team balance (after finishing the game) - (default: 0)
aswap - auto team swap (after finishing the game) - (default: 1)
fn - friendly names - (default: 0)
ffire - (float) friendly fire - (default: 1.0)
ardelta - artifact respawn delta time in seconds - (default: 30)
anum - maximum count of artifacts to win - (default: 10)
astime - artifact stay time in minutes - (default: 3)
reinf - reinforcement time in seconds - (default: 20)

Capture the Artifact:
abalance - auto team balance (after finishing the game) - (default: 0)
aswap - auto team swap (after finishing the game) - (default: 1)
fn - friendly names - (default: 0)
ffire - (float) friendly fire - (default: 1.0)
reinf - reinforcement time in seconds - (default: 20)
artrettime - time before artifact returns to base in seconds, if no ones touches it and it not on base - (default: 120)
actret - activated return mode of own artifact - (default: 0) not recommended option (bad gameplay)

Whats new with patch 1.5.05?

As promised with patch 1.5.05 I included the rotation ltx files for the servers, so you can simply change map from server console with the command sv_nextmap. Some maps does not support certain game modes, so if you want to use the map rotations, you have to follow this steps, suppose we want to remember old times with Team DeathMatch:
1.Go to your data folder – it is on the root of Server Package;
2.Change the name of maprot_list_tdm to maprot_list;
3.Start the server, and enjoy the game!

Sometimes, when you change Game Mode, maybe you will need to change the rotation file. If you do not want to continually change the rotation file, you can enable the Capture the Artifact rotation file, so you will not have problems with server crashes related with maps. I plan to discover how to tell Clear Sky to check a certain maprot_list in every Game Mode, but this will be with future releases.

Administration of the Server – SECURITY ISSUE

As well, with patch 1.5.05 I inserted the possibility of administrating the server from the game. Is really easy and simple, but you have to take notice that the file has already an administrator, so you MUST change it – although you can add how many admins you want. First of all, lets check how to insert/delete Server admins. Suppose now I am in your place and I want to set my administrator account for the server, so I will be able to change server configuration without need of quitting the server and go trough Remote Desktop Connection.
1.Go to your data folder – it is on the root of Server Package;
2.Open of radmins file with any Text Editor;
3.You can add a new administrator, or change the actual administrator, by just writing, for example, dade = 3fj4m29d in a new line.

You may do not want to have any administrator for the server, so I suggest you to simply erase the actual administrator, leaving the file with only the string [radmins]. Remember user = password.

In order to use this feature, the administrator should open the console when he is on the server and write ra login username password; if all is done correctly it will appear a message that assure you are logged in. Once logged in, you may want to change... warm up time, so you need to write ra sv_warm_up 90 and therefore click ENTER. At least it has changed since Shadow of Chernobyl, you will need to login each time the map is changed – or you quit and re-enter the server.

On GSC Game World forums, Don Reba have posted and explained – probably better than me – all related with rcon instructions.

Also I suggest all people interested on “STALKER MultiPlayer Culture” to read the Dedicated Server Instructions by Don Reba and the Improved Server Guide by i365|zoldson.

If anyone wants to contact me, feel free to send e-mails to dade(at)stalkerhispano(dot)com. Also you can come to discuss it on our forums, we have a special International Zone for it. Feedback is very important for this kind of projects!

Thanks to all the people that have contacted me because of this package, I hope I will still make you guys happy. ¡Enjoy with this package, and have a nice gaming!

¡¡PS: Links are correctly showed on the PDF Manual!!

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