Our Top 5 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mods

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We're loving Sekiro: Shadow's Die Twice, and if you've not caught it already, you should give our very own James Heaney's current expert walkthrough a watch over on our YouTube channel. That being said, we're firmly of the belief here at GameFront that there's no game that can't be improved in one way or another by modifications, so here's our rundown of our current Top 5 favourite Sekiro mods.

5. Minimal HUD

Sekiro has some amazing environments, and while it's HUD isn't too clunky, there's nothing better than the minimalist look for a game like that. It's a fully customizable mod, which allows you remove any indicators, icons or other elements that you just don't deem required, while keeping the bits you like. 

It also adds a potential difficulty curve, too, as playing with certain HUD elements, such as enemy health, do up the ante a little. 

Check out Minimal HUD here.

4. Costume Pack Mod

Here's a really neat one - it's a collection of 25 new outfits for the game, including  giant lizard outfit, a monkey, and a Nightjar Ninja, to name but a few. There's some pretty wild outfits in there.

As you can see from the video above, there's no shortage of wild and crazy options to choose from the epic to downright bizzare, but there's plenty of choice for you if you're bored of the same old Shinobi outift.

You can check the pack out here.

3. No Tutorials Mod

Who needs tutorials, right? There's no shortage of mods for games like Sekiro that aim to make the already difficult game even more brutally challenging, but taking away all the tutorials? That's one sure-fire way to increase the learning curve. There's no hints, pop-ups, nada.

You may prefer it without, though, should you be a seasoned veteran of the game already, and don't need such hints and tips. Either way, it certainly adds an element of extra challenge should you desire it.

You can grab No Tutorials here.

2. Pheonix Samurai Reshade

This game is wonderfully beautiful, there's no question - but that's never been a reason to stop graphics enhancement mods - infact often it spurs them on. Pheonix Samurai Rehsade attempts to up the anti with some pretty nice color balance changes, and other effects, that don't cross the line many Reshade presets do of going way too far and ruining things.

As you can see from the video above, it works, quite nicely, too. There's some nice colors, good contrast between light and dark, and dimly lit areas are not suffering as a result.

All in all, one of my favourite re-shades. You can grab the preset here.

1. Sekiro FPS Unlock and More

This one is an essential, frankly, and makes the top spot as a result. It's a massively useful mod that removes the frame rate cap from the game, which in and of itself is a massively useful thing for those who appreciate those buttery smooth 144hz refresh rates.

It's not just that, though - one of the major reasons I love this mod is it adds ultrawide support - and as somebody who is rocking a lovely 34" Ultrawide, I appreciate that very very much.

Also included is FOV tweaks, and even the addition of windowed borderless mode. All very welcome.

You can grab this essential mod here.

So that was our picks - do you agree? Share with us your favourite Sekiro mods down in the comments!


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Cocoa Loco

4 years ago

These are some pretty nice mods! James should check them out in his videos.