Sekiro The Easy is a mod for the faint-hearted

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a difficult game. This is just an established fact - unless you're willing to put some hardcore effort in, like our resident video producer James Heaney, you'll struggle to get through the game.

But what if you're simply after experiencing the game at a more casual pace? It does, after all, have a compelling story and amazing visuals to enjoy, too. I'd say shame on you, go learn to play properly, but still.

Sekiro the Easy makes this a reality, though. It alters the game's difficulty and gameplay mechanics to make the game much easier to play. 

Strength, stamina and attack power are all increased, as well as defense and health. You'll also get infinite spirit emblems, so effectively infinite use of the Shinobi Prosthetic abilities. 

The result is, while you've still got a game to play, it's much easier to cheese your way through. Honestly though, unless you're really struggling and just want to get something out of the game or give up, I wouldn't recommend it - at least not for a first playthrough, as you're just robbing yourself of the feeling of satisfaction you get when defeating a really hard boss, for example.

You can check the mod out over at Nexus here.


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