This Sekiro mod makes the combat similar to Bloodborne

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Given that Bloodborne never came to PC, it's fair to say there's some demand for that gameplay style to come to the Master Race platform, but while we can only dream about an actual Blooborne PC port, what we can actually do here and now is modify Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to give us a fairly close experience.

The mod, Bloodborne Combat Mod, re-focuses the combat to be more focused on dashing, as well as introducing the much acclaimed rally system, too. It means you need to dodge rather than parry, much against traditional Sekiro wisdom, and dashing also grants the player temporary invincibility.

The rally system is key, though, and just like Bloodborne, if you take enemy damage you get a short timeframe that you can keep or restore health, as long as you return the damage to your enemy. 

Blocking is less effective now, though, so you're really going to want to rely heavily on these two key aspects. 

It's a nice fit for Sekiro, though, and you even get an equivalent of the stamina meter by the repurposing of Sekiro's posture mechanism. 

You can check out the mod for yourself at Nexus Mods here.


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