Unused Sekiro Dialogue & Dragonrot System Discovered

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

As James has learned, well, a few times now, during his expert playthrough over on our channel, Dragonrot is a key part of Sekiro, and works by infecting characters with something called Dragonrot every time you die. You'll be interested to learn, though, that the system was once very, very different.

One hacker named Lance McDonald has uncovered files within the game that show that there used to be Dragonrot Pellets that lets you reverse the effects of Dragonrot on characters.

By restoring the cut content, Lance has discovered new dialogue that was not there previously, mostly in reference to this feature that no longer exists within the final game. Dogen has a llot to say on the subject, but interestingly he even opens up about Emma, among other subjects.

Of course, there's nothing story critical restored that was cut, but it's interesting nonetheless to see this unused content resurface. 

Now the main question is, would it have helped James?


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