Gamespot Previews Serious Sam II

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For those who have that unquenchable thirst for more SS2 media, Gamespot has just updated their site with a look at a very near finished version of the upcoming GOTY. Included with the article is some 59 new screenshots, a bundle of gameplay movies and a video preview. We played through several co-op levels on the ChiChe world, ruled by the evil Lord Chan (a gigantic, potbellied behemoth who lives in a clock tower). We had few to no frame rate hitches while running through hordes of enemies with our shotguns, rocket launchers, and pirate ship cannons blazing in our near-final version of the game, even as we tore through the game's remarkably colorful vistas. Serious Sam II might very well be the most colorful PC game of 2005 this side of a video game console. The huge garden outside of the imperial palace is full of gigantic, oversized wrenches and bottles, while the palace grounds are nothing short of magnificent, with truly gigantic, multilevel, sprawling castles that span the horizon. You might not expect such beautiful and detailed environments from a game like this, but then again, you might not expect to charge into battle wielding a bomb-dropping parrot, either.
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