Serious Sam II v2.066 Patch (Digital Distribution)

This is the digital distribution patch for Serious Sam 2. It includes control fixes, browser fixes, keyboard fixes and more.

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This is the digital distribution patch for Serious Sam 2. It includes control fixes, browser fixes, keyboard fixes and more.

Changes in 2.066.00 patch:

- Added dedicated server support (see DedicatedServer.txt in the patch). - Vertical slider next to some lists (e.g. server list) now reacts to mouse clicks and movement. - Server list can now be properly used with the mouse. - Fixed scrolling of some lists (levels, profiles). - Swapped function of up/down arrows in some menu screens. - Options boxes (yes/no and similar) now cycle options - selecting the last option and going to the 'next' one will go back to the first option and vice versa. - Netricsa icon will no longer appear if subtitles are turned off. - Playing with high ping time (>500ms) caused strange things to happen for clients (dying immediately after respawning, being unable to turn off cheats...). - Difficulty setting wasn't properly restored when loading a saved game. - Match details menu screen now displays the server version. It will be displayed in RED if the servers version doesn't match the clients. - Version number in the main menu is now more visible. - Added a beep sound when a new line appears in the chat console. - Added support for resolutions with strange aspect ratio (namely, 1280x1024). - In cooperative games, info for all players (name, health, armor) is displayed on the right part of the screen. - Added an option to profile settings ("always pick up items") to disable picking items when not needed (e.g. ammo if already at max ammo). - Servers can now be password protected via the 'net_strConnectPassword' cvar. - To join a password protected server, the client mus set the password string to 'net_strConnectPassword' cvar. - Added the 'samListPlayers()' console command to list all players in format 'playerindex: playername'. - Bloom effect now works properly in HDR mode on ATI X1000 series boards (no more pixelization). - Added controling compatibility mode for DirectSound mixing ("software emulation" in "audio options" menu). - Fixed problem with sound playback and mouse input on multi-(core-)CPU systems. - Fixed wrong performance detection on Intel integrated graphics chips. - Fixed wrong profiler timings under dual-core CPUs. - When toggling HDR mode while using FSAA, cfunc 'gfxRestart()' is now required. - Weapon can't be changed while recoiling. - Added message for recently picked items. - Game can't be quick loaded in multiplayer. - Fixed jerky movie playback on slower CPUs. - Added option to automatically quit the game after demo benchmarking is finished (cvar 'bmk_bAutoQuit=1', best to use it as command line param, "+bmk_bAutoQuit 1").

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Download 'sam2_digital_distribution_patch_2_066a.exe' (13.37MB)

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