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This is the best tutorial there is if you want to learn how to translate the Serious Sam 2 game into your own language. This file contains everything you need and it is very easy to mod. Just have a good look at the readme and you should be fine. Thanks to Kristo for making the tutorial and letting me upload it.

Have fun with modding!

ps, you can also find the turorial HERE



Author of this file: Tomislav Kristo
Author of files in this file: Croteam

Description: This file will help you to translate easily Serious Sam 2 on your language. 
             Its include all words files on English from menus, levels, netricsa descriptions.....

How to translate Serious sam 2 on my language?

- First you must know English.
- In your Serious Sam 2 folder Content\SeriousSam2\ create new folder Locales.
- Extract Content_ENG.zip in Locales folder.
- Rename English folder in your language name. Example "Croatian"

What file to edit-translate and how?

- You must edit-translate all *.dsc, *.tbl, *.srt and *.crt files.
- To edit-translate those files open them with Notepad.
- If your language use special characters you must Save As those files with UTF-8 encoding.
- Happy translateing

I translate something and now i want to test it in game how to do that?

- Run Serious Sam 2 and open console with "~"
- Type strReloadTransTables("your language in this example Croatian") and hit enter.
- If you want back on the English language just type strReloadTransTables("Eng" or "").

When you translated all files it would be better to make that users can easily install new Language for SS2.
This can be done by adding all file and folders from your Content folder in the one gro file.
Gro file is nothing then renamed zip file.
When you do that just tell users to copy your gro file in Serious Sam 2 folder.

If you have any questions contact me on tomis[email protected] or Vedran on [email protected]

Thanks to Croteam for Locales files on English and the game.

It would be nice to contact Croteam and tell them that you want translate Serious Sam 2 on your language.

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