Shogun: Total War v1.11 Patch

The second official patch for Shogun: Total War.


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The second official patch for Shogun: Total War.

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Download 'Shogun_v1-11.exe' (4.34MB)

Shogun: Total War (TM) - Version History
Patch V1.11

ONLY. Installing this upgrade on any other 
version can damage existing files.*

06 September 2000

To install this release, download the self 
extracting zip file, execute (double-click) it,
and follow the on screen instructions. 

(Note: the version you are currently running 
is visible on the Shogun Total War title screen)

* Alphabetically sorted name lists on the 
  chat server.

* Multiple selection of names allowed 
  (with CTRL) for private chat.

* Option to talk to just players in your game 
  or just allies in your game.

* Separate chat window for private chat on 
  the chat rooms screen and the internet 
  games screen.

* Filter out public chat option on all other 
  chat server screens.

* There is a battlefield map info button in 
  the multiplayer lobby.

* If you have not already registered with 
  EA|Play to play online, you can now register
  with EA|Play via a link from the front end 

* Online multiplayer games performance has been
  optimised to improve performance on low
  bandwidth/low speed connections.

* Added date-stamp to last quick-save and last 
  auto-save in the save and load game menus.

* Added a popup window with current game 
  information for savegames in the save and
  load-game menus (rightclick and hold a 
  selected savegame).

* Log file generator for all battlemap
  battles, with on/off toggle in the
  front end. The *.log file can be found
  in the subdirectory "logfiles" in the 
  Shogun folder, and can be opened with
  any text editor.

* Difficulty selector for historical battles.

* Strategy Map Event Movies on/off toggle.

* Campaign Battle time limit on/off toggle.

* New intelligent texture manager. This makes
  more intelligent use of texture memory, only
  loading the graphics for the men that are
  actually present on the battlefield, and
  using the space saved to load higher quality
  graphics where possible. This can produce a
  radical improvement in quality on some graphics
  cards, especially in battles where only a few
  different unit types are involved.

* The speed of the transition from the
  strategy map to battles has been improved.

* If a besieged castle is assaulted and the
  assaulter loses, he now remains besieging
  the castle with the remnants of his army.
  Previously, the defeated assaulter would
  retreat from the whole region and the
  castle defender would take the region back.
  Assaulting armies also now get an option to
  call off the assault and continue sieging
  rather than only being able to abandon the

* Generals will no longer be designated by the
  AI as primary attacking units unless they
  are Warrior Monks, Naginata or Samurai
  spearmen. General's units are now always lower
  priority attacking units. This means Daimyos
  will never lead a charge if there is an
  alternative, drastically reducing the
  "Suicidal Daimyos" problem. All generals are
  more cautious.

* The degree to which the AI increases it's 
  attacking force size after a failed assault
  has now been increased - therefore each failed
  assault will lead to a much larger attack the 
  next season if the men are available. This 
  reduces the chance of many repeated attacks by
  smaller forces on the same region by the AI.

Balancing and Gameplay
* The AI puts up more of a fight for desirable 
  regions after they have been lost.

* Geisha now take twice as long to build.

* The length of castle sieges has been
  increased. We have made castle assaults more
  worthwhile by increasing the length of
  sieges and making loyalist rebellions more
  likely during a siege.

* The AI now gives a higher priority to breaking

* Auto-resolving castle assaults has been made
  more difficult for the assaulter.

* Routing men no longer get a "charging"
  attack bonus when they rout through enemy

Major Issues
* This patch includes the fix for a problem 
  with hosting and playing multiplayer games 
  on the America On Line (AOL) service.  
  You can now  both host and join a Shogun 
  multiplayer game via the EA|Play 
  matchmaking service.

* Fixed an issue which prevented users from
  entering passworded games after the user
  clicks the back button from the "Enter
  Password" screen.

* Fixed an issue which could cause armies to
  disappear from the Strategy Map.

* Fixed an issue which caused treaty proposals
  to be cancelled when picking up the
  emissaries piece after already assigning
  him to acquire a treaty.

* Fixed an issue that made an heir in charge
  of a unit disappear when you assign your
  Daiymo to that unit and then enter a battle.

* Fixed a crash related to castle

* Fixed a crash when the player is besieged in
  his last region.

* Fixed an issue where when a geishas attempts
  an assassination of another geisha, only
  one of the geisha died (always the one belonging to
  the rightmost daimyo). Now both die as
  intended (Geishas never fail!).

* Fixed an issue where emissaries failed to
  gain honor above 1 on subsequent successful
  missions. The emissary now gains honor in
  increments of 1, 2, 4, 8 and so on successful
  treaty missions. The emissary also loses
  honor for each failed treaty mission.

* Fixed an issue where moving a piece to
  attack a castle and later changing your mind
  and moving it elsewhere could cause an army
  to get "lost". It would remain on the map
  but would no longer be able to be picked up.
  This issue could lead to a later crash.

* A crash caused by all heirs being killed in
  the same battle as the Daimyo has been

Minor Issues
* 13th building issue is now fixed. It is only 
  possible to construct 12 buildings at a

* Unit training screen now only shows the 
  regions that have training capabilities.

* Information screens in battle no longer overlay 
  each other, and the bottom one is faded.

* Ninja's success chance is now based on the 
  rank of a general rather than their honor 

* The starting domain field for the Imagawa
  clan now mentions the eastern most
  provinces that this clan controls:
  Hizen, Chikuzen, Chikugo.

* The description of clan Hojo's starting
  domains now mentions that the province
  of Kazusa gives an honor bonus to Emissaries
  trained there.

* Fixed an issue which selected all regions
  with castles when using the up and down
  arrows for selecting regions with training
  capabilities, whether they can train units
  or not.

* Fixed an issue which stopped the ability to
  build anything when 1,000,000 koku is

* Fixed an issue where the youngest heir
  took the throne rather than the oldest.
  You won't get unrealistically old heirs now.

* Minor fixes to man level behaviour (eg
  pushing back leaders causing whole units to
  fall back together).

* Fixed an issue where an earthquake or typhoon
  would destroy farmland rather than
  downgrading it.

* Earthquakes and typhoons no longer destroy
  partially complete buildings.

* Fixed an issue where typhoons would say a
  building was destroyed but it would not be.

* Fixed an issue where the training time for
  units when the default size was 100 or 120
  would revert from the correct 2 seasons to
  an incorrect 1 season after a battle, but
  would go back to 2 seasons after saving via
  the front end.

* Fixed an issue where it was possible to get
  in to a state where you would order buildings
  to be built but they never actually start
  construction, despite having sufficient koku.

* Fixed occasional "could not translate
  Hidden rebel base" text issue in attack

* Fixed an issue in auto resolved castle
  assaults that got the attacker and defender
  the wrong way round.

* Fixed an issue in auto resolved castle
  assaults that failed to give the defender
  the bonus for being in a castle.

* A variety of minor graphical glitches have
  been fixed.

* An issue which prevented spies from getting
  detailed info on large rebel armies has
  been fixed.

* The AI now conducts castle assaults where it
  is sensible to do so. They were very rare

* Cathedral income was not taken into account
  in the harvest report, giving inaccurate
  expenditure figures. Now fixed.

* The Son Born and Harvest speeches were
  played in English even if Japanese speech
  was selected. Now fixed.

Config Issues
* Fixed an issue in the tutorials which could
  cause a crash on Voodoo cards on some


For Technical Support contact information, 
please refer to the documentation that came 
with your game and/or the readme file.
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