Shogun: Total War - Warlord Edition v1.02 Patch - Asian

The latest official patch for Shogun: Total War - Warlord/Gold Edition.


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The latest official patch for Shogun: Total War - Warlord/Gold Edition.

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Download 'ShogunWv1.02_Asia.exe' (5.72MB)

Shogun WE/MI Patch v1.02 Final Documentation

Patch V1.02 (Beta)
Shogun: Total War - The Mongol Invasion (R)
Shogun: Total War - Warlord Edition (R)
Shogun: Total War - Gold Edition (R)
You will need to download the correct version of this patch for your version and 
1) Shogun - Total War - The Mongol Invasion (ShogunM.exe included)
2) Shogun - Total War - Warlord Edition (ShogunW.exe included)
3) Shogun - Total War - Gold Edition (ShogunW.exe included - Japanese only)
1) European: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swedish and Dutch
2) Unicode: Thai, Japanese and Chinese
To install this release, download the self extracting zip file, execute it 
(double-click), and then type in the location of your game directory. e.g. 
'c:\program files\total war\shogun - total war - warlord edition'. 
Alternatively, install the files to a temporary location (e.g. c:\temp) then 
copy the files inside the temporary directory into your game directory with the 
same directory structure. (Note: the version you are currently running is 
visible on the Shogun Total War title screen)
1)     Multiplayer morale has been changed back to the settings as in the 
       original Shogun: Total War release. No longer does your army have a morale boost 
       to start with. The multiplayer is now more challenging and it’s easier to rout 
       the enemy.
2)     It is now possible to play Mongol Vs Mongol and Early Japanese Vs Early 
       Japanese games (4 players maximum per faction with up to 8 players in total per 
3)     Upgrade costs for weapons and armor have increased slightly.
4)     Warrior Monks, Korean Guardsmen, Mongol Light Cavalry, Musketeers and 
       Mongol Heavy Cavalry are more expensive in multiplayer to balance their 
5)     Unit sizes have been reviewed to improve balancing.
6)     Minimum multiplayer game time is now 10 minutes.
1)     Hidden units cannot be seen by attacking units (apart from the general's 
2)     Troop fatigue and march speed control has been improved.
3)     Reinforcement start points have been reviewed to enhance realism.
4)     A series of code fixes have been made to improve stability.
5)     A few minor text improvements have been implemented (Japanese only). These 
       are found in
Two new maps have been added. Other than our simple fun test map, ‘The Ironing 
Board’ (which makes an even playing field), the other main new map ‘Togakushi’ 
was created by the winner of our map competition: Kyle Parker - aka KyleRoku 
from Tucson, Arizona.
Kyle: ‘Togakushi is a series of temples, or shrines, connected by mountainous 
pathways and ridges; the major ridgeline snakes around and back upon itself. The 
temples are located at prominent points along the mountaintops. This presents 
the idea of the famous "warrior monks," that gave Oda Nobunaga such a hard time. 
In this instance they would probably hold the high ground and be difficult to 
dislodge (i.e. no cavalry charges). However, the height advantage can be gained 
by either side since this map is peaked mostly in the center (don't boo me). The 
main shrine, or "inner sanctum" is at the South side of the map; it is 
surrounded by trees and slopes up constantly to form the mountainside. I suppose 
the "inner sanctum" should be the last thing that the attackers would defeat but 
in this case it really is the most accessible area (in fact its the lowest 
altitude temple) and the only place where there's a road. The rest of the 
temples are "protectors" of the Togakushi Shrine and are up in the mountains. 
Their names, starting from the leftmost temple are:
Happonirami (on the center peak)
Takatsumayama (the one on the other big peak - in case you're lost)
There is also another temple called Gojizoyama which is in a lower mountain pass 
Patch Credits
A big thanks to all our dedicated external beta testers. Your help was very much 
Beta test group
MizuEradoSan (
Magyar Khan
Coming Soon - Medieval: Total War
.     400 years of Medieval warfare - from the preaching of the first crusade 
       in 1095 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Guide your kingdom’s fortunes 
       through the early dominance of the Feudal Knights and Longbowmen to the 
       emergence of gunpowder and the advent of Heavy Siege Cannons and Handguns. 
.      Spectacular battles featuring over 10000 troops in real-time 3D terrain - 
       battle over hundreds of distinct battlefields from the lush farmlands of Western 
       Europe to the arid deserts of Northern Africa. 
.      12 playable factions - each with distinct playing styles and unique 
       units, including: the English, German, Byzantine, French and Turkish Empires. 
.      Over 100 different unit types - including: Teutonic Knights, Highland 
       Clansmen, Saracen Infantry and Bedouin Camel Warriors.
.      Famous characters - including Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, 
       Saladin, William Wallace, Frederick Barbarrosa and Robin Hood.
.      RPG-style character development - Kings, Generals and Heirs develop 
       vices, virtues and abilities that reflect their actions throughout the campaign. 

.      Historical campaigns - 5 historically accurate campaigns, including: the 
       Crusades, the 100 Years War and the Mongol Invasions.
.      Breathtaking 3D Castle sieges - a vast array of siege weaponry, 
       including: Siege Cannons, Mangonels and Ballistae can now pound castles and 
       fortresses into the dust.  
.      Multiplayer & Online Games - Join the Total War community to crush your 
       friends and make new enemies all over the world.
For more information, check for the latest news on
©2001 THE CREATIVE ASSEMBLY. ©2000 Electronic Arts. All rights reserved.

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