Silent Hunter 3

Command the cunning and deadly U-boats of the North Atlantic and experience the tension-filled atmosphere of a WWII submarine movie. The King of submarine simulations returns with an all new 3D game e...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Flag and Pennant Raising Mod 22.98MB 379
Warship Mod Essentials 506.31MB 1,919
JoC-SH3-WW1-BBWittelsbach Add 1.56MB 322
JoC-SH3-WW1-Ship-Pack 6.24MB 921
Lifeboats & Debris V4 10.59MB 1,233
Silent Hunter III Engine Sound Mod 1.79MB 1,697
WW II Radio Newscasts 38.16MB 314
Video SH3 Extended FreeCam 1.1 553.91MB 431
KM Blue All Crew Uniforms & Headdress v1.0 4.39MB 240
MEDALS for KM Blue All Crew Uniforms & Headdress v 46KB 234
Video SH3 Extended FreeCam 1.0 352.94MB 608
JoC-Sopwit Pup v1.0 695KB 262
JoC-BB-Wittelsbach v1.0.7 1.81MB 326
Juetland 97.22MB 168
JoC-SH3-Dauboot v1.1 2.94MB 251
JoC-SH3-Haifisch v1.1 802KB 536
XXI Skin v2.2 GWX v2.0 10.08MB 518
Imperial Germany Mod - IGM LITE 24.77MB 558
Grey Wolves eXpansion 2.0 Mod - CFG 74KB 1,196
XXI Skin 2 K.F GWX v2.0 9.75MB 565
VIIC HiRes Skin K.F Fix 20.61MB 654
VIIB Hi Res Skin 24.25MB 914
C2 Cargo_L 2.85MB 1,261
NLTSf Lights 2.95MB 596
NPTL Lights 2.87MB 598
NLSs Lights 3.31MB 668
Stranger in the Night v1.2 2.43MB 775
HSL Ship Lights v1.2 1.49MB 690
NLSQ Lights 3.82MB 538
NLTMs Lights v1.01 2.87MB 769
NF Boat L Lights 2.7MB 576
Authentic Officer Faces 798KB 954
IGM Better Ranks Add-On 248KB 1,059
Grey Hull U596 Med VIIC 17.78MB 485
Grey Wolves eXpansion 2.0 Mod - Part 7 15.77MB 1,639
Grey Wolves eXpansion 2.0 Mod (Installer) 846KB 4,042
Chugging Diesel v1.2 444KB 874
Chugging Diesel v1.21 907KB 767
Chugging Diese lSound Pack v1 249KB 312
Chugging Diesel V1.1 265KB 230
SH3 VIIB Frontline Skin 1.62MB 1,104
Anvarts Type 2 Command Room 26.24MB 825
Authentic U-boat Off Faces 798KB 1,389
IXC Rheinubung Skin 9.09MB 822
U-453 VIIC 17.5MB 782
Whizz Wheel - German 1.88MB 1,981
Arctic Type VIIC 7.5MB 748
Alternate Torpedo Damage Mod 2KB 5,169
U596 Mediterranean Camoflauge VIIC 17.52MB 882
SH3 Mentats Music Mod v1.0 24.35MB 1,029