Silent Hunter 3 v1.4b Patch (Retail) - International



The latest official patch for Silent Hunter 3.



Silent Hunter 3 v1.4 

* Campaign radio messages improved so that a message can have "from" and "to" fields
* Multiplayer version changed to 1.4.
* Fixed the bug concerning sonar ping for clients
* Added new buildings in German bases (harbors)
* UZO view by night was improved;
* Navigator tells when the last waypoint was reached;
* Customizable values for storm parameters for each U-Boat (see StormConditions entry for each uboat.cfg file);
* Depth report only when diving (from 10 to 10 meters); Time compression will drop to 1 (if greater) when critical depth was reached;
* Sonar new contacts are identified as merchants or warships (not as unknown contacts as in the previous patch);
* Sonar indicator will move faster when the player is at sonar station (and clicks on the sonar dial); and now it can be dragged with the mouse;
* Some shortcut keys will toggle between current view and the next view: radio messages (M), captain’s log (K), hydrophone station (H) and radio station (R);
* A new option was added on “Merchant/Warship/... spotted” popup window. By checking this check box (called “Set as default action”) the selected action will be always performed when the situation occurs. This default action will be saved from a game to other and can be reset, during the game (when press ESC) by choosing “Options/Reset default action” from Game options;
* Corrected several torpedo descriptions errors within the game
* Added the P38 fighter bomber to the inventory of American forces and the campaign
* Added the Wellington bomber to the inventory of British forces and the campaign
* Corrected the damage model for the German Armed Merchant Cruiser
* Increased the detonation range of star shells to 1800m
* Changed Torpedo Momber aircraft type designation to Bomber :)
* Improved the rough waters behavior of Small and Coastal Merchants
* Sonar man - Fixed a bug where "Report on nearest contact" was not function properly
* Sonar man - Fixed a bug where "Follow nearest contact" was not function properly
* Dynamic campaign - Add new harbor ships and traffic, including merchants, minefields and patrols
* Dynamic campaign - Corrected some data in the naval rooster

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