Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
SH4 Tweaked Files Guest 14KB 3,314
Slow Smoke v3 Guest 22KB 4,164
RUIM v1.0 for SH4 v1.5 Guest 304.52MB 4,338
RUIM v1.0 for SH4 v1.5 REGS Guest 86.18MB 1,409
RUIM v1.0 for SH4 v1.4 HI-S Guest 228.76MB 791
RUIM v1.0 for SH4 v1.4 REGS Guest 65.28MB 449
Optical Targeting Correction for TMO 2.2 Guest 300.09MB 421
Optical Targeting Correction for Run Silent, Run D Guest 154.64MB 245
Clayp's Optics for SH4 1.4 Guest 63.62MB 641
Clayp's Optics for RFB 1.4 Guest 63.61MB 273
GWX3 Gold for Silent Hunter 3 - Full Download The Grey Wolves 1.31GB 2,476
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