German U-Boat Crew Language Pack

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German U-Boat Crew Language Pack

German voice files are already located within the Silent Hunter V game, however; to active them you have to either load the game in German or drag files across into the JSGME.

This mod makes it easier for those gamers who may feel nervous about tinkering with files in their Silent Hunter V game.

To utilise my mod just drop the “German U-Boat Crew Language Pack” into the MODS folder within JSGME and activate it.

You will still get English subtitles, to help you understand exactly what the crew are saying

For your information the German speech files are located at;


This mod was created by Venatore.

This mod has the correct file structure pathway to use with JSGME.

Thank you for downloading this mod.

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D0t C0m

2 years ago


How do for french language ?