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GWX3 GOLD is the result of over 3 years of dedicated work to give fellow Silent Hunter 3 enthusiasts a truly immersive WW2 U-boat simulation.

This final release for SH3 gives you ALL the hundreds of features and fixes from previous GWX versions in one single installer — PLUS a handful of new enhancements, including a groundbreaking new environment mod.

System requirements

  • 3.3 gigabytes of free disk space
  • A clean installation of Silent Hunter 3 (no other mods installed)
  • The latest patch (1.4b) installed (please read the GWX3 GOLD installation instructions in the Support section)


New Features
You may very well play for years and not see everything we have changed! This final release for SH3 gives you ALL the hundreds of features and fixes from previous GWX versions in one single installer - PLUS:
Environment improvements:
Environment 2.4.3 mod by 'onelifecrisis' — a MAJOR breakthrough in SH3 environmental modding! OLC was the first modder to definitively solve the horizon defect inherent in other 16km environment mods. He has also largely removed the unrealistic polygon effect from the waves present in ALL other environmental mods. In GWX 3.0 we have blended OLC's awesome mod with elements of our own work that we wanted to retain. If you're unfamiliar with OLC's Environment mod, it includes: 
New environment colours
Improved sky textures, fog, lighting and reflections.
Darker light levels at night (based on time of day, time of year and geographic location)
Visual sensors of all non-player units (ships, planes, etc.) are greatly affected by visibility levels at night — and also by your U-boat's speed and visible profile. These changes mean that surface attacks are very much a possibility early in the war (pre-radar)
Visual sensors of all non-player units are also affected by the unit's veterancy (i.e. competence level of the crew), which increases as the war progresses.
Many other environment and lighting fixes.
The new environment mod in GWX3 contains the following small fixes and adjustments by 'Ref' and 'Kpt. Lehmann': 
Restored moon reflections
Set water opacity to GWX default
Added moon graphic mod by 'ichneumon'
Integrated the original wave textures from GWX
Updated GWX 'Open Hatch' optional mod:
Now opens the bulkhead hatch between the command room and radio room in the Type IX and Type XXI U-boats
Minor updates to the Type VII Open Hatch mod
Weather pattern improvements
Increases the rate at which the weather changes, resulting in shorter and more frequent periods of stormy weather and clear weather over the course of a patrol.
Other additions and enhancements:
Added replacement Georgios Averof armored cruiser by 'vonDos'
Interior views now slant according to the dive angle, based on original work by 'Anvart' and enhanced by 'Vickers03'
Real depth charge sounds added
Added 'Lehmann International News' by 'Wreford-Brown' — radio messages that inform you of events during WW2
U-boat distress radio messages by 'von Hally' and 'Danurve' 
Bug fixes:
Incorporated small hotfixes to GWX V2.1 by 'bigboywooly': 
Fixed missing second Calais harbor showing on map
Moved Calais gun emplacements
Fixed bug where Type VIIC/42 radar was destroyed upon starting game
Fixed 7th flotilla entry/exit dates from Königsberg causing opposing base change messages
Fixed error in ge_menu.txt where Memel was listed instead of Königsberg
Added silhouette fixes by 'Reece'
Adjusted draft of the Coal Tender to remove sinking ship bug
VIIC/Turm 2 reflection fix by 'Reece' with adjustments by 'Privateer'
Type XIV U-boat ('milchkuh') caustics corrections by 'Privateer'
Corrected location of Brunsbüttel and Holtenau by 'bigboywooly'
Museum text adjustments by 'bigboywooly' for: 
Brooklyn-class light cruiser
Buckley-class destroyer escort
River class frigate
Small depot ship
Armed Tugboat
Ceramic-type ocean liner
Large passenger/cargo ship
Large troopship
Adjusted radio message dates for U-488 re-supply U-boat and Operation Cerberus.
The above is a summary of the changes in GWX3 Gold. A complete list of changes can be found in the 'GWX 3.0 Changelog.txt' text file that is installed with the add-on.

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