Optical Targeting Correction for TMO 2.2

Optical Targeting Correction for TMO 2.2.rar


This modification for Silent Hunter 4, Wolves of the Pacific is a comprehensive correction to the optical game world. It was found that the views of the various periscope and optical screens were incorrectly displayed in size and magnification resulting in inaccurate manually found range when the Stadimeter or Telemeter divisions (the periscope lens hash marks) were used for this purpose. The issue of each possible game resolution a player could use (depending on his system hardware set-up) became a problem since the game engine does not consistently resize the periscope or TBT/UZO screens for all resolutions and monitor aspect ratios. This was addressed with making additional add-on mods, corrected to each aspect ratio, to allow for consistent measurement. Once the world view had been corrected, additional tools and real life tactics could be implemented for solving target firing solutions. Additionally, an in-game Omnimeter and Range Dial tool were designed to aid in using the new optical views, and to allow a manual range input to the TDC. This in turn, provided an additional desire to have the radar units work as intended to help in determining range to a found target. Rework of the Radar units display to provide an accurate range and bearing is accomplished by an overlay for the screens. The stock radars did not show objects at viewable distances, let alone further distant objects. The radar parameters have been changed to allow for them to work as expected. Various ship issues have been addressed from correcting the height reference point dimension; to acceleration issues; to carrier/land base aircraft ranges and plane makeup. It is hoped to have the stock game perform more as its real life counterparts would expect to do.


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