Fall of the Rising Sun



This includes the famous Narwhal class sub, the fictional German "Germainia" Battleship, and several other ships including battleships, carriers, destroyers and merchants of all sizes. These additions can be found in British, US, German and Japanese forces. One of the things I like is that ships leave burning oil slicks when damaged. I'ev seen this most often in tankers and cruisers, and it lasts only a short time to simulate repairs. Airtraffic is also reduced, so the planes aren't as annoying, but they are better at killing you. Betty's will fly in to release torpedo, and zero's will shoot and bomb you. H6k and H8k can be equiped with a depth charge.Bugs. There are 2 things that the devs should consider fixing, and one of the biggest ones are the missing descriptions while on the upgrade screens. All the stats for the torpedo types and other equipment upgrades can be annoying at times and if you don't have your torpedo types memorized, you might not remember what types best suit your playing style. I also experienced a bug where my sub would not relaunch after returning to a home port. Minor bugs also include a whale ship which almost completely dissapears when hit. The good news is, this mod is being activley developed, so hopefully these problems will be short lived.All it all, this mod has the best of everything. It has alot of eyecandy and new units to sink and shoot up, but the AI isn't so bad that beginners can't enjoy it regardless of your realism setting.Updates:http://silenthunter.filefront.com/file/;104759 patchhttp://silenthunter.filefront.com/file/;104761 carrier upgrade


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