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files for the 3 types of merchant. Tankers, Troop Transports and Freighters.They replace the texture files used in the stock game, and TMO 1...


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files for the 3 types of merchant. Tankers, Troop Transports and Freighters.They replace the texture files used in the stock game, and TMO 1.7.Most ships have 3 different tex files, and the game randomly picks one when it spawns the ship. Some have 4, and a few have only 1.I've included a screenshot of every skin for each unit to give you an idea of what to expect. If you don't like the look of a particular skin, simply delete the 2 files (eg, and from the relevant Data/Sea/"Shipname" folder before you enable. You did read the readme before you enabled didn't you? Good, I thought so.Will this work in RFB? Well I only tested it in TMO because that is what I mainly play. However, a quick look at the RFB files leads me to believe that it should. I don't think RFB alters the ship tex files, or which files the game assigns for the skins. BUT - I haven't tested it so if you run RFB and want to try this - Caveat Emptor my friend!Will it work with FOTRS?Some of it maybe, but why would you want it to? AOTD_MadMax has done excellent work reskinning some of the stock units plus adding many outstanding new units.I've had a quick look at his Jap roster files and it look like some units use the stock assignments for the tex files, and some have been altered.I'm guessing (let me reiterate-GUESSING!) that if you put this on top of FOTRS that a few of my skins will show up, but I really don't know for sure.This is not historically accurate/realistic!Time I have put into research for this = 0.Realism was never my intent. I just wanted a break from continually sinking Marus that looked like a junkyard. So I changed the skins to make ships that I liked the look of. Issues/things I am not happy with:1. I can't put writing on the ships, because the texture just gets mirrored for the other side and you end up with backwards writing. But I did put a few Japanese characters on some ships, figuring that not many people would be able to tell if they were back to front. As I neared the end of the project I realized that these skins are not just used for Japanese ships, but for all ships! So you may well be sailing out of Pearl and see a freighter with a Japanese kanji on the side. I have left these in for 3 reasons. Primarily I have just spent 2 weeks looking at tex files, and I just don't have the energy left to change them at the moment. Also, I spend a lot of time on patrol scoping in on Japanese ships but rarely check out the moored ships when I am leaving harbour, so the kanji add a bit of immersion for me. Finally, people may love them or hate them. If I come to do version 2 of this pack I may have a bit of feedback on how people feel about them.2. A few of the models apply the tex files in a way that is a major PITA. The Nagara/ Large modern Composite is a good example of this. Whatever colour is applied to the hull is also used for the masts, most of the decking and a lot of the superstructure. So if you pick one colour for the hull you end up with a ship that is pretty much just one colour all over. So I have chosen a two tone scheme for the hull, but then you also get 2 tone masts. I'm not happy with either of these results, but I cannot change it.3. A few of the models have occlusion maps (they apply shadows and depth, I think) that make the ships look REALLY dark all over. Again the Nagara is a good example of this. Editing the O map is way out of my league so again I cannot do anything about this.4. After finishing the skins I loaded up TMO 1.8 Beta to check them out. TMO 1.8 has environment changes in it that make sunny days a lot brighter. So for example a deck that looked light brown in 1.7 now looks to me closer to orange in 1.8. A dark green box now looks lime green etc... (Note - only on very sunny days with no cloud cover. May look ok when broken cloud). When I started I had failed to appreciate that different environments would have a MAJOR effect on what my skins would look like. I have no idea what they will look like in RFB, FOTRS, PE and EE. Also I have a feeling my LCD monitor shows a lot of games un-naturally dark, and when I started I was compensating for this. If I get a lot of feedback saying "OMFG what the hell it looks like an exploding paint factory" then obviously I will tone them down for another release.5. Dazzle camo. Ideally I would like each model to have at least one dazzle camo pattern, but figuring out which pattens work with with which ship is a major PITA. It may never happen, but I am experimenting.Legal stuff:Anyone can freely use these, change them, include them in a mod, make a sandwich with them etc. just give me a credit.If anyone is deranged enough to try and use these in a commercial venture then I want a piece of the action. Or you'll be hearing from my mother.Sergei

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