Trigger Maru 1.7



historical acuracy stuff. For starters, if you use the external cam, you'll notice that you can see your sub clearly when at periscope depth. This is the way it is in reality, and the planes can see you too. Depending on weather and the skill and distance of the aircraft, places may be able to see you at 100 feet of depth, or more. Bungo Pete is a particular destroyer who was rumored to have been a submariner before commanding a Destroyer. If you want to take him on, you'll be in shallow waters off the coast of China. This is an Expert Destroyer, so watch out. Evil planes are just that...evil. They are acurate and will kill you even under water if you are detectable. Plane contacts have been decreased from stock, but made more deadly. Some arament changes too, to reflect historical data. Additionaly there are a number of extra ships. This includes destroyer escorts, extra destroyer classes, other warships, cargoships, and Kiabokans, which you may remember if you ever played the NES Silent service. They are a small ASW ship.Be sure to install the hotfix for this mod.


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