Silverfall v1.17 Patch

The latest official patch for the retail release of Silverfall.


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The latest official patch for the retail release of Silverfall.

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Download 'Silverfall_Patch_1.17.exe' (100.2MB)


* Fix: Teleport dialogue after archmage.
* Fix: Koroziom's palace is no longer accessible if you haven't killed the 5 shadows.


* Fix: “RebuildGrass Region” in Mod Edition.
* Clean up in the menus for release. The expert mode can be enabled by adding “MenuMode Tef” in the “start.ini” file.
* Fix: Crash when selecting “kinematic” in the physic options of water puddles.
* Clean up in the class files by eliminating unused classes.


* Fix: If the 'A lady's keepsake' quest is completed, the reward given does not match the reward offered in the dialog.
* Fix: Shadow Resistance is incorrectly listed as Black Resistance.
* Fix: In the Element cathedral, dialog and quest problem when the user's character approaches Dark king.
* Fix: Reward of the 'Gaia's challenge' quest.
* Fix: Skill description 'Protective Bark', Black Magic resistance.
* Fix: term "Po" used instead of "Gold" in various dialogues.
* Fix: dialog problem in the first companion quest Morka the benevolent.
* Fix: reward for Delivery of a boat kit quest.


* Fix: Incorrect destination after warping.
* Fix: One inventory sync problem.
* Fix: situation that allowed having a quest twice in the quest log.
* Fix: Invisible character after he had died.
* Fix: One client crash if the host warps twice in a row.
* Fix: the spell “Lycanthropy” has been fixed in multiplayer mode.
* Campaign mode characters are displayed in the main menu.
* Fix: Several zoning problems.
* Fix: Silverfall city sync problem in story mode.
* Fix: A client can no longer die while zoning.
* Fix: You can no longer leave the group in campaign mode.
* Fix: Under certain conditions, a character in "free" mode was able to join a game in "story mode" and vice versa.
* Fix: Under certain circumstances, campaign mode character could be switched to free/solo mode.
* Fix: Online mode display has been fixed on session list.


* Fix: Dialog box has the wrong position after having a game session has been left with the skill panel open.


* Fix: Installation of a patch after having installed the editor.


* Fix: Several sound issues (sound not being played correctly).


* Fixed: One possible crash linked to the item drop.

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