SimCity 2000 Windows Plus! Themes

The official Windows Plus! themes set to SimCity 2000.


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The official Windows Plus! themes set to SimCity 2000.

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Thank you for checking out the SimCity 2000 Theme Pack!

For Microsoft Plus! Pack owners:
The SimCity 2000 Theme Pack Installation Wizard will automatically copy
the SimCity 2000 Theme files into the subdirectory that contains your 
current Plus! Pack Theme files.  Once the SimCity 2000 Theme Pack has 
been installed, 3 new themes will become available in the Desktop 
Themes manager: SimCity 2000 Residential, SimCity 2000 Commercial, and
SimCity 2000 Industrial. Each Theme has it's own wallpaper, font & 
color scheme, font & windows size settings, icons, and cursors.  The 
screen saver and sounds are identical for all 3 themes.

For Microsoft Windows 95 without the Microsoft Plus! Pack:
If you do not have the Microsoft Plus! Pack installed, you can still 
use the SimCity 2000 Theme Pack. The Installation Wizard will copy the
files into the standard locations for cursors, bitmaps, sounds, and 
screen savers and will add registry entries allowing you to easily call
up the various Schemes.  For Sounds: Open the Sounds Control Panel. In
the Sounds Properties window, select the SimCity 2000 Sound Scheme. For
Cursors: Open the Mouse Control Panel. In the Mouse Properties, select 
the Pointers tab. In the Pointers page, under Scheme, select SimCity 
2000 Cursor Scheme.  For the Desktop: Right-click on any open area of 
the desktop and select Properties from the menu that pops up. First, 
select the Background tab. The SimCity 2000 Theme Pack will have 
installed 3 new Wallpaper bitmaps, SimCity 2000 Commercial, SimCity 
2000 Residential, and SimCity 2000 Industrial. Select the bitmap you 
wish to use and select the Tile option immediately under the Wallpaper
select box.  Next, select the Screen Saver tab. A new screen saver will
have been added called The Mad Zoner. This is the SimCity 2000 screen 
saver. With The Mad Zoner selected, clicking on the Settings button 
will allow you to change the speed, tile size, and disaster frequency 
for the screen saver as well as importing tile sets created by the 
Urban Renewal Kit.  Next, select the Appearance tab. In the Scheme 
selector, three new Schemes (SimCity 2000 Residential, SimCity 2000
Commercial, and SimCity 2000 Industrial). Select the Scheme you wish
to use and the font settings and colors will be changed to reflect that

This product is inspired by the award winning Maxis simulation, SimCity

Based on the phenomenally successful SimCity Classic, SimCity 2000 
allows YOU, the user, to build and manage a hustling and bustling 
metropolis. You're given a plot of barren land to zone into industrial,
residential, and commercial areas where people work, live, and play. 
Lay roads, subways, highways, and railroads to connect the zones and 
watch your city grow as citizens immigrate into your city. As your city
grows, you must deal with crime, education, and health issues by 
strategically placing police stations, schools, and hospitals. Add 
parks and stadiums, on-ramps and bus stops, airports and seaports as
your citizens' needs grow. Manage traffic, the budget, and the needs
of your constituents, or face riots, public ridicule in the presses, 
and eventual impeachment! (Hey, this sounds good!) One of the best 
selling games for the PC and Mac, SimCity 2000 has garnered dozens of
awards and ruined countless careers, educations, and marriages.
SimCity 2000 is available for DOS, Mac/PowerMac, Windows 3.1, 
Windows 95, Super Nintendo (in Japan only, so far) OS/2, Sega Saturn,
and the FM-Towns. A Sony Playstation version will be coming soon.

If you would like more information about SimCity 2000 or any other 
Maxis product, please give our friendly customer support people a 
call at (510)927-3905.  You can also reach us on the World Wide Web,
at, or via our BBS at (510)927-3910.

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