SimCity 4 Non-Unicode Plugin Manager



This is a non-Unicode version of the Plugin Manager found in the SimCity 4 BAT. It is designed to fix issues for users of Windows 98 and certain users of Windows XP whose Plugin Managers returned an error when running due to the Plugin Manager's Unicode-written nature. Use only if you have this problem.



Updated 02/05/04: Plug-In Manager Unicode Run-Time Error Fixed

Some people have been reporting an error when running the Plug-in Manager that came with B.A.T. The "RunTime" error problem has been fixed with the following file.

Note: The problem was a result of us building the Plug-in Manager with Unicode. People with Windows 98 and some people with XP were not able to run the application for this reason. The unicode enabled the application to accept double-byte languages and other non-standard English characters. With the fix above that capability is lost. However, if you can not run the Plug-in Manager now try the file above and things should be better for you.

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