SimCity 4: Rush Hour v638 Patch - Traditional Chinese



The first official patch for retail releases of SimCity 4: Rush Hour and SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition.



EP1 Update 1 - Release Notes

Update: 1.1.638.0 
Date: Friday, November 14, 2003 
Update Size: 16Mb

Performance Improvements

*Adjusted foam spray effect for firefighters fighting toxic spills.
*Addressed issues related to U-Drive it mode while volcano disaster is active.
*Fix for random issues that may arise when dragging a diagonal power line across zones in specific manner that creates a connected orphan pole in a segment.
*Renderer updates to avoid memory corruption when model instance has an invalid position.
*Updates to paths to improve clipper that was transforming stop points into single-point paths.
*Video card improvements for the following:
*Intel i830/845/865: Fixed graphics rules to allow hardware and to disable color cursor.
*Addressed issues related to burning tree stump.
*Fix for airplane sometimes taxiing above the airfield.
*Implemented safety code for query.
*Fix for relatively obscure problems that occur when moving vans are created on a tile with a complex paths.
*Implemented a general-purpose fix for any remaining yet-to-be-discovered cases of a bad orientation vector.
*Fix for issue where networks loaded from a saved city would not properly re-initialize their connection bitmap.
*Updated Localized strings.
*Updates for My Sim messaging. The issues would arise when moving a My Sim out of a city at just the right time.
*Fix for reported location of sky diving mission.
*Fix for query incorrectly reporting trip length after abandonment.
*Fix for incorrectly reported commute time during inter-city travel.
*Path fixes for various networks and intersections.
*Texture fixes for several one-way/avenue intersections.
*Fix for several network intersection resolves.
*Improved usage of parking lots and transit stations.
*Improved synching of foundation vs. building height.
*Improved variety of industry building development.
*Fix for intercity commute where bus traffic was periodically being treated as car traffic.
*Fix for being able to drop highway ramps over buildings.
*Adjusted toll booth capacities for 2-tile wide toll booths.
*Fix for prevention of pedestrians from using neighbor connections.
*Fix for elevated train volume not being reported in the traffic volume graph.
*Fix for commercial traffic and road noise map calculations to accommodate multi-tile morning and evening commutes.
*Added left turn lanes to avenue/highway overpass onramps.
*Fix for priorities of props and textures in lot templates used in city detail.
*Fix for variety of path bugs related to roads, rails, highways, avenues and elevated rail.

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