Fan-Fiction: Major Fleet Action Reported at Hirai

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Recently we have asked people to upload their fan fiction stories, reports and fictional newsletters to the site as the lack of Sins storyline leaves alot of room for artistic freedom concerning the races in Sins. This is hopefully the first of many which will hopefully leave to a fan-fiction section. Thanks to RooksBailey for providing this piece of fiction! :rock:


Major Fleet Action Reported at Hirai


  • Major Fleet Action Reported at Hirai
  • Taskforce Turia Repels Vasari Incursion….
  • Advent Probe Forces Ginestra Redeployment….

The Trader Emergency Coalition is reporting that a major fleet action has recently concluded at Hirai, a distant sector of the TEC frontier mostly notable for a stable wormhole that has proven popular with the merchanter class.

While details are still coming in, it appears that two TEC taskforces, under the command of Admirals Narleen Turia and Keff Zardre, successfully repulsed a Vasari incursion commanded by Vaskorus Arkun.

However, TEC is also reporting that a concurrent Advent probe into Hirai forced both TEC taskforces to redeploy to the Ginestra asteroid field. While hostilities with the Vasari have been steadily escalating, the sudden appearance of Advent forces along the TEC frontier has come as a shock.

The Opening The Hirai action is the culmination of TEC high command’s increasing frustration with Vasari hostilities in the wake of the collapse of the Verlin Empire. After Admiral Narleen Turia’s “Last Sunrise†campaign – named so after Turia’s infamous vow that the Verlin homeworld had seen its last sunrise after a terrorist attack on Agasthenes - Vasari forces began a forceful effort to fill the Verlin power vacuum before TEC forces could consolidate their hold on the newly liberated sectors. What followed were a series of skirmishes along the TEC frontier, with Vasari Commander Vaskorus Arkun’s “Ghost Fleet†leading the harassment effort. A lengthy cat and mouse game ensued, with Admiral Turia and Commander Arkun jabbing at each other all along the border.

Anonymous sources have confirmed that Turia was the mastermind by the recent action in Hirai. Using her smaller taskforce as bait, Turia hoped to lure Arkun into committing his Ghost Fleet to a major naval action against Taskforce Turia, with the newly formed Taskforce Zardre arriving once Arkun committed himself – in short, a classic hammer and anvil tactic.

“Turia clearly achieved what she intended to,†remarked retired admiral Joren Selken. “From reports I have seen, Arkun committed his forces against Turia, only to have the rude surprise of Taskforce Zardre showing up on his flank.†SinsAAR3scan A deep scan taking during the height of the naval action in Hirai A rude surprise might be an understatement as Commander Arkun suffered the severe loss of his Kortul-class capital ship, Kavisir. SinsAAR2capfile This blurry photo is believed to depict Kavisir in action in an unknown engagement Anonymous sources confirm that Turia deliberately selected the famed warship for destruction as its annihilation would cause a severe loss of morale for the enemy. “Kavisir was the ship the led the Vasari actions at both Naeve and Epimethious. It is something of a legend to the enemy. It doesn’t surprise me at all that a vindictive commander such as Turia would single it out to make an example.â€

If initial reports are accurate, Admiral Turia pinned Arkun and then signaled Zardre to jump into Hirai from its secret marshalling area. Once the two taskforces were in place, both coordinated their actions to hem in Arkun’s fleet and take down Kavisir. Fighting was heavy, with Vasari fighter and bomber wings doing considerable damage to the forces of Turia and Zardre despite the large contingent of flak barges and fighter wings that Zardre brought with him to the fight. “It was touch and go for awhile,†confirmed Lt. Cmdr. Jordan Littman of the TEC Admiralty, “but ultimately it was too much for Arkun and Kavisir. We confirmed her destruction at 2141 hours, local.†SinsAARdeathir This photo was taken by a FLIP (Forward Looking Infrared Probe) at the time of the battle. The bright spot in the center is the IR death plume of Kavisir.

The Admiralty was not the only one to confirm the death of Kavisir. Merchanter Ken Loomis, of Void Spray out of Jindra, also confirmed her death. “We were - that is my ship and crew - were about to make the jump to Esipov with a hold full of potable water, when we detect a massive neutrino flood on our sensors. I asked Billy - er…Billy Draon, my exec - was that a GRB [Gamma Ray Burst]? He radioed TEC traffic control but they had not received any stellar advisories. It was quite a mystery, doubly-so when other merchanters reported the same phenomenon. It wasn’t until we learned of the destruction of Kavisir that everything fell into place. That neutrino flood was the death spasm of Kavisir's reactors.â€

Vasari Commander Arkun was not believed to be onboard the Kavisir at any time during the battle.

Unwelcome Surprises It is here that the Admiralty reports things got out of hand for Turia and Zardre.

Without warning, a “strong Advent probe†jumped in system and began mixing it up with the other two parties. “We believe it was dumb luck on the part of the Advent that they jumped into this system when they did,†remarked Littman.

Dumb luck or not, the already damaged TEC taskforces were in no position to take on the remains of Arkun’s forces along with a fresh third party. Taskforce Turia’s Sova-class carrier Stratius was heavily damaged by Vasari bomber attacks and was in danger of following on the doomed heels of Kavisir. According to eyewitnesses, Admiral Turia wasted no time in ordering a retreat, directing Admiral Zardre’s larger force to cover their withdrawl to Ginestra. Fortunately, the Advent forces did not seem interested in pursuing the sizable TEC force and allowed the two taskforces to escape with only minor harassment.

The fate of the remains of Commander's Arkun's Ghost Fleet is unknown at this time. SinsAAR6damage3 This is a probe photo taken of the retreating carrier Stratius. The white noise recorded by the probe's CCD is a result of radiation escaping from a damaged reactor that had yet to be “locked down†by damage control parties

Fleeting Victory

According to the Admiralty, the two taskforces are now refitting at an unknown location, preparing for what surely will be strong thrust by the Advent. “They know we’re in the area, so it’s likely they will come after us, or baring that, our merchanters,†concluded Littman. “Either way, we need to be prepared for all eventualities now that we are in a two front war.â€

Indeed, preparations are already underway on many fronts. The recently launched TDN Shilta, a Dunov-class battlecruiser, has departed for parts unknown. Furthermore, Governor Haron Souss, of the frontier planet Charalla, has ordered the expedited construction of citizenry fallout vaults in the case of orbital bombardment. Even the Department of Interplanetary Trade is getting in on the act by mandating reinforced hulls for all Class IV merchanters.

Updates to follow.....

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