Some important info about you and Sins of a Solar Files!

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Hey now that we have your attention, there are a few things to point out that you can do on this site. :) We are here to host your content! Whether its mods, screenshots, websites or indeed news items then you can simply upload the content via the following links [b][url="http://solar.filefront.com/upload/"]Upload your Mods/Files[/url][/b] - Any mod or file you made and wanna share it with the world? Then simply click and upload! [b][url="http://solar.filefront.com/potd/Add"]Picture of the Day[/url][/b] - You may have noticed our Screenshot or Picture of the day feature, well if you upload your screenshots to us we will host it for a full day depending on how many shots are in the queue ;) [b][url="http://solar.filefront.com/news/submit/"]Upload your News Items[/url][/b] - Any updates or announcements on the game or your mods then let us know about it We also offer other features such as a weekly poll about the game and community We also offer a free web hosting service for you to host your SoaSE based website! So if you have a website dedicated to Sins of a Solar Empire, a site containing fan-fiction about the game, have a total conversion or a list of your mods that you have done you can host your website on ours for absolutely no cost! Registring is free and easy. You will have access to other filefront sites for other games too which will expand your gaming network even more. So upload your files to us!. Hope to see some of your work!

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