Weekly Poll Results - What do you think of Sins of a Solar Empire Files style?

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Published by TParis 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


What do you think of Sins of a Solar Empire Files style?

Its Great! 46.3% (152)
Its good 31% (102)
Average 11.2% (37)
I feal like I'm going to be sick! 7.9% (26)
Poor 3.3% (11)
Total: 328
Start: 04-02-2008 02:43
Last: 07-24-2008 00:37

 #1 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 04-08-2008 at 08:45

The red on the navbars is a little to bright compared to the text. I think the text could usefully be a fair bit darker, that or the red needs to be a little less bright.

 #2 - Posted by: AdmiralHocking (Staff) on 05-13-2008 at 14:53

Indeed, the red makes my eyes bleed.

 #3 - Posted by: IKS_Yo_Mama (Staff) on 05-13-2008 at 16:44

A Gray similar to the textarea gray (maybe a redish version of the gray) would be best on the navbars... Red Nav bars look odd

 #4 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 05-25-2008 at 06:49

Well, technically speaking its all down to the shade of red. However I do agree, Fluorescently luminous retina destroying red is really a little harsh on the eyes.

 #5 - Posted by: alenz_117 (Member) on 06-18-2008 at 11:56

The red is very harsh.

 #6 - Posted by: AdmiralHocking (Staff) on 06-25-2008 at 19:33

Nice to see it's changed, shame the site itself is more than slow...

 #7 - I second the gray - Posted by: gshaw (Member) on 07-03-2008 at 16:29

Somehow gunmetal and a more advent-y blue would suit the site a bit better. Heck, maybe even a touch of green here and there- red just doesn't look science fictiony at all.

 #8 - Posted by: SwissKnight (Member) on 07-19-2008 at 23:52

The red is a little jarring, could use a bit more "spacey" feel

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