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Published by _sith_ssdironfist 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Week Update #1!!


Okay, hey, its me again, and heres what happened this week on solar.filefront.com!

First off it was a slow week, not much happened, but we did get some new files to show you!

First off we have this little beauty from TheStressPuppy!

Sacrifice of Angels 2 Demo

Quote: This is a demo mod of Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 for Sins of a Solar Empire.

The demo mod features six playable factions, and most of the canon Dominion War era ships from the Star Trek universe.

The mod itself is a continuation of the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. It will use many of the same models, and effects created for that mod. SoA 2 is being developed by the remnants of the old Trekmod's team (the team that developed the original SoA mod). Along with digital Underground, and contributions from the finest artist in the trek mod community.

Understand that this is only a demo. More work needs to be done, and the mod still needs balancing. It is just a taste of things to come. and our other file of the week is from Remis93, he brings us some new Maps!


Quote: Remis93 is here with some new maps!

4 Nice maps, 2 large and 2 small.

Galaxy War=4 Players Counquer Extreme=2 Players Conquer Extreme=4 Players Extreme Rush=4 Players

All but Extreme Rush feature Pirate bases, and his largest map has 45 Planets!!! Like I said, we dont have much this week, but, hopefully next week we will have more for you!

Thanks for reading! ~Sins of a Solar Empire Files Staff

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