Sins of a Solar Empire

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Maps The Hub System

A simple map hub style and as the old saying goes a picture says 1,000 words so... (look at the screen shot:p) -eluvatar


Maps "Campaign" map

Description: This is unofficial Campaign scenario. As TEC, You have to defend Core Worlds agaist Aliens and Outcasts. They have large num...


Maps Dead Man's Land

Incoming Transmission... Mission Briefing... Welcome To Dead Man's Land. this battle ground has been the site for many historic...


Maps New Map Pack

This is my very first mod for sins i have made some mods for legacy mainly maps so i decided to download galaxy forge and take a crack at it...


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Maps Death and Duty

Four shall fight Three shall fall!! It's a four player map and is looks good in game! Try it!


Maps Noitalosi

Pirate bases orbit the sun, forcing the remaining dominant players to build huge fleets or invest in some logistic research. The Vasari have...


Maps Galaxy Divided

known bugs or fixes. if you find some contact me.


Maps Round Map 2 Player

A small, 2 player map with a creative design. The map has 2 Pirate Bases for a added difficulty. You have to pass through both of them to ge...


No Screenshot
Maps SOL Vs Orion 2 VS 3 map ESport V.1

astroalignment and real planetnames in SOL system.Basic Use: Player 1 and 2 Vs Player 3, 4 and 5.Other Use: Free for All.SOL System Pros: Ea...


Maps Galaxy Smackdown

inter-galactic travel if you discover them. It has plenty of Ice, Volcanic, and Terran planets with the occasional asteroid here and there....


No Screenshot
Maps Map Pack 1.0

Pirate Bases-Best with 2v2-Good files to go with this map:-;108663...


Maps ONS-RedPlanet

Medium sized FFA map. Everyone starts at a remote position with up to 8 colonizable planets for the taking.Check readme and pic for details.


Maps ONS-Dria

This is a medium sized 3vs3 map with up to 47 colonizable planets.Check readme and pic for details.


Maps 2 cool Maps

Fire v.s Ice you start on a fire or an ice planet. I have put the pirates in this map just to make things interesting :)


Maps Indies War Maps

they can lead to multiple systems, something like a small and simple labyrinth. Wormholes offer instant travel to various stars, sometimes l...


Maps Divided 2vs2

personal touch. This map consists of 1 star, which is divided by a small network of phase lanes. Uncolonizable planets are strategically p...


No Screenshot
Maps Sol VS Orion V 2.0

higher ratings and a lot more downloads with version 2.0New Changes:-About 125% bigger universe.-Even more realistic astroalignment of SOL.-...


No Screenshot
Maps Full Star Wars Galaxy

modification. Now the map will support up to 9 players in a massive, pretty accurate Star Wars Galaxy. Please leave your comments (and corre...


Maps Battle For The Star V2

Battle for the star V2 is your standard 2P map. Each player will start with 10 planets and 20000 of all resources. All of the plan...


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Maps Tim's 7 In 1 Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment Maps

7 of Tim's latest maps for Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment.


Medium Crucible of Life

A fertile system with many primordial worlds for you to conquer, colonize and acquire. No Pesky Pirates to bug you, pillage and generally a...


Medium The Arrival 2

Gizola brings us a new medium sized map which has an interesting design. The Arrival 2 is set in a single star system, which c...


Small Starvation

With resources and planets limited you'll need to use tactics and creativity to beat your foe. small map for intense power hungry people w...


Small The Siege

This is the Siege. Its not just a map. Its a scenario. It includes and map and a saved game. Play as the TEC against the evil advent. There...


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