Sins of a Solar Empire

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Bailknight`s Graphic Mod v1.0 Bailknight_ 15.47MB 332
Bailknight`s Graphic Mod v1.1 Bailknight_ 15.55MB 876
Sins Texture Pack I MaxTael 62.76MB 1,725
Sins of a Solar Empire v1.01 Trainer PWizard 956KB 1,268
Sacrifice of Angels 2 demo TheStressPuppy 142.78MB 1,669
Volumetric Explosion & Damage Effects ManSh00ter 8.85MB 1,001
Epic Mod v1.1a kiedjor 127MB 1,599
Skybox Mod Pawelo 689KB 128
Sacrifice of Angels 2 TheStressPuppy 206.22MB 696
Sins Texture Pack I Guest 62.76MB 11,841
Sins of a Solar Empire v1.01 Trainer Guest 956KB 5,898
SolarFlair Guest 1.9MB 149
SolarFlair PREVIEW v0.6 Guest 5.36MB 371
Phase Scouts Guest 796KB 350
SolarFlair Release v1.0 Guest 4.04MB 3,955
7 Deadly Sins v1.3d Guest 182.24MB 30,197
Bailknight`s Graphic Mod v1.3 (Fixed) Guest 18.44MB 6,133
Danny117's Free Instant Mod Guest 380KB 359
Stargate Invasion - Research and Effects Video Guest 25.39MB 904
Volumetric Explosions Mini-Mod v0.81/Standalone Guest 1.48MB 200
Volumetric Explosions Mod v0.81/Merge-Friendly Guest 920KB 240
StrikeCraft Mini Mod Guest 709KB 198
Volumetric Explosions & Damage Effects v1.0 Guest 6.84MB 930
Sacrifice of Angels 2 v0.03b Guest 255.15MB 5,965
Solar Sins v2.0 Guest 207.41MB 903
Marza Voice Mod 1 Guest 734KB 86
Hoshiko Voice Mod Guest 444KB 46
TEC CS Voice Mod 5 Guest 2.1MB 233
Dynamic Battle System v0.9 (BETA) Guest 4.77MB 876
Volumetric Explosions & Damage Effects v1.13 Guest 15.08MB 1,036
StarFall Mod Guest 26.29MB 56
Base Mini Mod File for Modding Guest 685KB 38
Distant Stars Entrenchment Beta 0.5 Guest 144.9MB 769
Battlecruiser Daedalus Class Guest 4.01MB 1,992
7 Deadly Sins Guest 900.63MB 45,469
Freespace 2 v06 Guest 209.82MB 572
SINS Future Wars - Tactical Simulator - a0.1 Guest 204.05MB 1,847
Sins of a Solar Empire - Future Wars - tactical simulator Guest 204.05MB 430
NightFall v1 Guest 57.55MB 107
easy gameplay Guest 3KB 2,061
Moveable Starbases Guest 17.68MB 237
Entrenchment mini mod for Sins of a Solar Empire Guest 17.73MB 480
OverLords v1.6 Guest 76.34MB 57
XLarge Planets mini mod Guest 5.3MB 71
StarFall + FireFall X Guest 57.55MB 155
Advent Wars Mod Guest 6.6MB 40
Tech Wars Mod Guest 6.6MB 45
Vasari Wars Mod Guest 6.6MB 35
entrenchment super mod Guest 888KB 2,555
Star Trek Sacrifice of Angels 2 v0.3E.1 Guest 284.84MB 2,627
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