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Modifications Great Pangalactic War Timeline

The Great Pangalactic War Timeline is a summary of the events leading up to the gameworld setting in the Last Stand mod.


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Modifications Solar Sins v2.0

Solar sins 2.0 for Sins of a Solar Empire v1.1.


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Modifications Marza Voice Mod 1

This Mod is a voice change to the marza. Can be used alone or the 12 sound files within can be added to the sound folder of a mod you are cu...


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Modifications Hoshiko Voice Mod

This is a voice change to the Hoshiko.


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Modifications TEC CS Voice Mod 5

Voice change to the 5 TEC capital ships for Sins of a Solar Empire.


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Modifications Dynamic Battle System v0.9 (BETA)

This mod enables fighter physics and behavior for larger ships, enabling ships handling characteristics to come into play beside their defen...


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Modifications Volumetric Explosions & Damage Effects v1.13

The updated version of the Volumetric mod, this issue contains Entrenchment compatible version, new starbase and mine explosions, and an imp...


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Modifications StarFall Mod

This is a compilation of all the changes i have worked on over probably the last 20 orso mods i have made, there is a lot in here. This is f...


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Modifications Base Mini Mod File for Modding

This is the text file for the gameInfo for base modding.


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Modifications Distant Stars Entrenchment Beta 0.5

Distant Stars is a collection of changes that Skyline_HUN made to the game to become more enjoyable even on huge maps. He found the research...


Modifications Battlecruiser Daedalus Class

Enjoy.What you will need to install this mod:Being that this mod only includes the mesh and textures, you will need at least the basics i...


Modifications 7 Deadly Sins

have the borg, stargate, and halo.Unfortunately V 2.1 is only compatible with update 1.05..So What are you waiting for reinstal sins and GET...


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Modifications Freespace 2 v06

The Freespace 2 Mod Project aims to bring the Freespace universe to the Sins engine.


Modifications SINS Future Wars - Tactical Simulator - a0.1

Release Alpha 0.1 of the Sins of a Solar Empire - Future Wars - tactical simulator.


Modifications Sins of a Solar Empire - Future Wars - tactical simulator

total conversion for the popular game "Sins of a Solar Empire". This mod is so to speak the "little brother" of the mod "Star Trek Armada II...


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Modifications NightFall v1

NightFall is a mini mod, changing only the bare minimum in the game, actually just thenumber of capitals which is increased, and the supply...


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Modifications easy gameplay

than a second, you only need one of each resource stations to research everything and finally fleet(not capital ship)capacity increased to 9...


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Modifications Moveable Starbases

Moveable starbases for all races in addition to allowing full upgradability of eachstarbase. Now you no longer have to choose i upgrade this...


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Modifications Entrenchment mini mod for Sins of a Solar Empire

Entrenchment mod with 10 races (7 New!), New Abilities, Ships and Resized Planets!!


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Modifications OverLords v1.6

For Entrenchment 1.03 Sins of a Solar EmpireTweaks the addition of the extra 7 races i introduced into the game.


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Modifications XLarge Planets mini mod

Adds 4X size planets and 10X size stars to Entrenchment 1.03 --


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Modifications StarFall + FireFall X

StarFall + FireFall X adds 7 new races (for a total of 10) to the Entrenchmentexpansion of Sins of a Solar Empire!


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Modifications Advent Wars Mod

Advent Wars is a civil war of the Unity mod, that adds two advent factions and removesthe other two normal races. It was a way to explore th...


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Modifications Tech Wars Mod

Tech Wars Mod is a continuation of the idea that started with the Vasari Wars,basically a civil war among the Tech after the exile of the Un...


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