Bailknight`s Graphic Mod v1.1

An updated version of the Bailknight's Graphic mod. This version is compatible with Sins version 1.03.

1. How to install MOD 1. Make yo...


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An updated version of the Bailknight's Graphic mod. This version is compatible with Sins version 1.03.

1. How to install MOD 1. Make your Sin ver 1.03 first 2. Start Sin 3. Go option -> mods -> show modpath to confirm your mods folder. 4. Quit Sin 5. Unzip contents of "" into your mods folder. ex) C:Documents and SettingsyouraccountnamemayhereLocal SettingsApplication DataIronclad GamesSins of a Solar EmpireModsbailknight_graphicmod_v1.1 <- this folder should contain 3 folders(GameInfo, Mesh, Particle) 6. Start Sin 7. Go option -> mods -> enable mod to activate mod. 8. Check "Load mod on start up" 9. Quit Sins because directly after activate mod Sin is very unstable that time and may cause minidump in few minute after loading. 10. Start Sin and enjoy mod.

2. Changes - Visual 1. Enhanced every weapon effects include planetary bombing. (1) 2. Enhanced many skill effects. (1) 3. Enhanced explosion effects. (1) 4. Enhanced construction effects. (2) 5. Enhanced exhaust effects. 6. Kortul Devastator`s pulse beam relocated. (2) 7. Heavy Crusiers looks longer then original. (2) 8. Phase Gate now stand up and rotate and bigger :D (1)(2) 9. Weapon Jamming Module downsized. (2) 10. Fix some effect disappearing when load saved game ( Destra Crusader`s Ruthlessness effect and Phase Gate`s phase effect) (1)

3. Changes - Gameplay 1. Kodiac and Defense replaced their weapon type so they receive different upgrade bonus. (Kodiac - Gauss / Defense - Beam) (Still Ships spec itself is untouched - same dps,hp,cost,etc) 2. Radiation Bomb and Incendiary Shells skills slightly changed for better visual represent. Efficiency is almost same. 3. Transfer Antimatter skill now cannot target frigates. 4. Overall Culture efficiency doubled. 5. Pirate Gauss Defense damage reduced from 120 to 100 6. Pirate Gauss Defense hull reduced from 3000 to 2500

4. Additional Information. 1. For people who want skip gameplay changes just del gameinfo folder in mods folder. 2. Still Doing 1 may lose some visual enhances that checked (1) above. 3. If you don`t like what I checked as (2) above del mesh folder in mods foler also. 4. Also someone who don`t like new effects just del whole "bailknight_graphicmod_v1" folder. 5. Moded game may need little bit faster PC. 6. Please restart sin when you activate mod for prevent unavoidable minidump crash. 7. Make sure you check "Load mod on start up" button before restart. 8. If you do exactly what I said mod-related crash can be avoidable. 9. I can guarantee this mod work really fine only when 1~4 did not executed. 10. Thank stardock, Ironclad and YOU.

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