Battle of the Mezzanine




Intro: In the corner of the Mezzanine, deep into the demilitarized zone, above a distant and forgotten Gas Giant named Boratai two large fleets of the Vasari Empire and the Trade Emergency Coalition fight it out in a major battle to decide the fate of the 10 year war.

This is just a battle done for the sheer fun of it, this is by no means a map that you can build up massive fleets on and have a 10 hour slug on.. the battle is already on with this baby, you simply wade through the enemy.

The Vasari have 302 Frigates/Cruisers and 52 capital ships led by General Caskrus

The TEC have 54 Capital Ships and 293 Frigates/Cruisers led by Fleet Commander Rosin

The objectives are simple - Last ship standing wins! The bases are located close to the proximity of the gas giant, in fact the TEC base is in orbit of the gas giant.

This map contains a lot of ships, and alot of flak fire. The management of this fleet in battle will be the greatest task, you will have to launch (build) all fighters, level up the capital ships properly and coordinate ungrouped ships into battlegroups while ensuring your fleet still fights to its potential. This battle calls in your RTS management abilities into question, choose as either side and have a dogfight that will go right down to the bone.

This should be an enjoyable battle to keep you busy for a while ;)

Please read the instructions carefully to get it working ingame.



Installation Instructions:

1. Place the .Galaxy file named "Mezzanine" into the Galaxy folder in your Sins root directory,

2. Place the texture file for the map called "ScenarioPicture-Mezzanine.tga" into the texture folder

3. Place the .save and .stat files into the following folder

"C:Documents and Settings*YOURNAME*Local SettingsApplication DataIronclad GamesSins of a Solar EmpireSave-SinglePlayer"

Where *YOURNAME* is your name :)

To play this game, simply start up and load the saved games menu and go to the single player saved games page and open The Mezzanine Part 1. 

This allows you to play the game in mid action which is the whole point of this map scenario.

This map can also be played from scratch but I am unsure if it will be any good.


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