Dead Man's Land



Incoming Transmission...

Mission Briefing...

Welcome To Dead Man's Land. this battle ground has been the site for many historical battles. in this rouge section of space you will find the worst of the worst a.k.a "Pirates and the other enemy empires wanting to call this piece of space "Theirs" Resent surveys of the surrounding planets indicate that 3 other empires have set up shop in the system. your mission is simple...destroy the other 3 Empires and the outlying Pirate bases. you have 3 ways of going about this.

  1. Head Inward towards the ripe Terran class planets which are said to contain Powerful Artifacts on there surface, (keep in mind that the other empires may have the same idea)
  2. Head Outwards towards the asteroids surrounding the system Un-Challenged. Be Care full of the pirate bases that are said to be in the asteroid belt
  3. Head-Strong. in other words fortify your 4 worlds and hold your position and wait for the right time to strike at key enemy locations.

The Choice is yours commander, the rest is up to you...good luck

Transmission Ended....



Thanks for Downloading Dead Man's Land

works for V 1.1 (If you don't have this version you can change it by double clicking on the acctual "GALAXY file" and editing the Version Number)

How To install 
After you have extracted the file just place the map in your galaxy folder here:
C:Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Local/Settings/ApplicationData/Ironclad Games/Sins of a Solar Empire/Galaxy

Dead Man's Land is a map which will take your skills as a fleet commander to the limit. each player starts of with 4 planets all with a good population (As To stop the hassle of under Delvelopment tax) and are given extra resources as to help them thrive. now the choice you have to make is: will you head inward towards the core planets which are
rumored to have strange artifacts on them...somewhere. or head outwards and occupy land un-challenged. the choice is yours but in the end only the skills of you and your fleet will claim final victory...good luck Commander. oh and watch out for those pirates there deadly.

good for 1V1V1V1 and 2V2

Feel Free to edit the map with galaxy forge just give credit to me for original Design


Gizola =D

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