Indies War Maps



they can lead to multiple systems, something like a small and simple labyrinth. Wormholes offer instant travel to various stars, sometimes leading to back doors that could be an advantage in warfare.Detailed:First of all, these maps aren't meant to be realistic, just enjoyable for single or multiplayer matchs. But I tried to put many of the exoplanets discovered up to date, and even more ;), at the point to make it virtually unrealistic, but beautiful and astronomically optimistic.Each system is connected to one or more systems via jump nodes (magnetic clouds). There are also wormholes that offer tactical advantages, both militarily and ligisticlly.These maps could be considered as huge. So it is recommended to play them with small fleets, and put some rules to human players (for example, a maximum of 1 trade port per system; trade ships cause lag, I think).The Sol system can be considered a true fortress and a true mine of gold and resources. That's why I put two players in Sol along with a pirate base, just to make sure that a single Sol player doesn't become an ber ultra powerful war machine of mass destruction. If a player starts in Sol completely alone, he/she can be considered him/herself veeeery lucky. Diplomacy and deception should be considered in these maps.About different versions of Indies War:Indies War v1:In-game data: 24 stars and 269 planets.IW v1 is the most stable version, good for multiplayer games. It features the nearest stars at 16 ly or less. It is for 6 players maximum. I've played multiplayer in IW v1 and succesfully worked. As always, stay sharp with the desync issues of SOASE, and load the game when a desync occurs. Check the underground market with the other players from time to time to make sure everyone is playing the same match.There are two versions of this map, one with fixed starting positions, and another one with random starting positions.As an aside note, I've named every object in these maps. No game-ramdomly-generated names.The fixed positions work as follow:1st player starts in Terra (Sol). Terran planet.2nd player starts in Europa (Sol). Moon.3rd player starts in Epsilon Eridani. Terran planet.4th player starts in Epsilon Indi. Terran planet.5th player starts in Kruger 60. Industrial planet.6th player starts in Groombridge 1618. Terran planet.All of them are supposed to be TEC, but every species TEC, Advent and Vasari should work just fine. There is a lot to colonize.-Indies War v2:In-game data: 46 stars and 494 planets.Just like in IW v1, but with tons of stars and planets added up to 60 light years (including Delta Pavonis, Aldebaran, Altair, Vega, Beta Aquilae and many others). These maps are less stable than IW v1 due to the large amount of objects in game. This version should be played with a cutting-edge computer (even with this, it could be laggy). This maps are for 10 players or less. Because of their huge extend, IW v2 maps are nearly unplayable.As an aside note, please be patient when loading these maps ;). It can take a few minutes.The fixed positions work as follow:1st to 6th players as in IW v1.7th player starts in 82 Eridani. Desert planet.8th player starts in Beta Hydri. Desert planet.9th player starts in Eta Casiopea A. Volcanic planet.10th player starts in Aldebaran. Urban planet.-Without Jump Nodes (If you don't like this jump nodes thing):I want to satisfy the most players I can, so I made another four maps, another version... Now this version deletes the jump nodes in the four maps and allows star-to-star travels, just like in normal SOASE maps. Now you can travel from Sol to Aldebaran directly. Don't forget to visit Caladan in Delta Pavonis and eat some fish, lol. And their meat is good too.


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