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The latest update of SoA 2. This will be the first of a two part release of 0.03. It includes new ships, new effects, and many tweaks over 0...


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The latest update of SoA 2. This will be the first of a two part release of 0.03. It includes new ships, new effects, and many tweaks over 0.02

0.03a2 only has the Federation, and Klingon Empire as playable factions. However both factions have a complete ship lineup. The Romulan faction is there, but they are far from finished. So they have been disabled for this release. The Dominion files are there as well except for the player, and ship entity. That faction is being completely rebuilt from scratch, and wont be ready until 0.03b

0.03a2 uses a balancing system never tried before. Battles will seem very fast, and ships will be destroyed very quickly. This issue is being addressed for 0.03b

There is an experimental cloaking device. Only the B'rel has it right now. It is there to test the impact it will have on the game play. A new effect for it is being worked on.

The Romulans, and Dominion are scheduled to be included, and playable in SoA 2 0.03b

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Download '' (206.22MB)

Thank you for downloading the Star Trek Sacrifice of Angels 2 demo version 0.03a2. 

Much hard work went into making these demo releases possible. However the mod is far from complete. There is much more work to be done. The mod still needs Structures, Proper Tech Trees, and more Balancing.

The purpose of the demo releases is that they are incremental Work in progress's. Many changes will be made between demos. Ultimately leading to the release of the complete SoA 2 mod. They are glorified beta's.

Demo 0.03a will work ONLY on Sins of a Solar Empire patched to version 1.1, 1.11, or 1.12.

All mod support for sins version 1.05 ceased. All previous SoA 2 demo support ceased as well. We do not have the manpower, or time to convert mods for every new Sins patch that is released. If a Sins patch breaks a mod you can convert the mod to the Sins patch yourself. However keep it for your own personal use. Do not upload it. Uploading will just create confusion.

Do not be lazy.. Read the entire Readme file. There is important information here. We take no responsibility if you damage your sins installation, or your computer, because you failed to follow directions. Nor will we hold back our sarcasim on the forums if you post a question that is already answered in this readme.


Installing the Mod: READ THIS! IT IS IMPORTANT!

Remove any previous SoA 2 demo mods if you have them. Install this new one in its place.

You will need Sins of a Solar Empire patched to version 1.1, 1.11, or 1.12 to run this mod. (1.11-1.12 are just minor vanilla game fix's that have no effect on the mods)

The mod WILL NOT WORK with version 1.05. All support for previous Demos, and the 1.05 version of sins ceased with this demo.

For best results run the mod on a CLEAN install of Sins. Upgrade Sins to the latest version via Impulse. (1.12 as of this mod version)

DELETE the "Ironclad Games" folder located in C:Documents and Settings"your user name"Local SettingsApplication DataIronclad Games. For Vista users it should be here C:Users"your user name"AppDataLocalIronclad Games. Make sure you backup any other mods, or screenshots before you do this. Sins will automatically create a new Ironclad Games folder, and subfolders when it is run again. This will ensure no incompatable, old, or "beta" files are in the game. This must be done BEFORE you run sins for the first time after re-installing.

Extract the SoA 2 0.03a2 folder from the rar file into the "Mods" directory of Sins of a Solar Empire.
Example for windows XP users: C:Documents and Settings"your user name"Local SettingsApplication DataIronclad gamesSins of a Solar EmpireMods.

You may have to change your folder settings to show hidden files, and folders in your window options to see the "local settings", and "application data" folders

For Vista users, the Sins Mod folder should be here. C:Users"your user name"AppDataLocalIronclad GamesSins of a Solar EmpireMods

Run Sins then go into optionsmods. Select "SoA 2 0.03a2" from your selection of mods. Check "run mod at startup", and restart the game to watch the cool opening cinematic :) 

In your OptionsEffects Disable the "Ship Mesh Highlight Filter". Having this enabled will cause some wierd lighting issues. Example some ships being much brighter than others though they are the same size.
The Ship Mesh Highlight filter was meant for you to easily see very small ships at a distance. SoA 2 does not need, or use this feature.

In your OptionsEffects, and OptionsUI Uncheck any, and all Team Colors boxes. Sins Version 1.1 has issues with team colors bleeding through the models (even on vanilla models), SoA 2 does not use any team colors. So having Team Color enabled just drains computer resources. Disable all of the team colors. You dont need them.

Start a new game as any normal sins game. Chose one of the following two playable factions. Federation, or Klingons. Then have fun :) 

The Romulans, and Dominion will be playable factions in Demo 0.03b. Which should be released shortly after 0.03a.


This is an Optional Graphics Tweak:

You can tweak how bright the ships appear in game, but you will have to do some "modding" yourself. The Sins engine
renders the ships very dark. The ship mesh highlight filter is supposed to compensate for this. However i have
not had any time to tweak the modded ships to use this feature. There is an alternative.

Open the GS_Ship file located in the Pipeline Effect folder.  

The line itself is over half way down and looks like this:

float4 GetLightColor(float3 incidence, float3 normal, float4 liteLightColor, float4 darkLightColor)
 float dot = max(dot(incidence, normal), 0.f); 
 float lerpPercent = 1.f - clamp(pow(dot, 5.f), 0.f, 1.f); <------ This is the line you are looking for.
 float blackThreshold = .65f;
 float colorLerpPercent = min(lerpPercent / blackThreshold, 1.f);

Now, its the Float lerpPercent = 1.f that is the magic number.  I have mine at .89, yours should be at 1.f (the default setting).  When you lower the number, the ships get brighter. Raise the number they get darker...

Now this works for most NVIDIA users. For ATI users you do just the opposite. You RAISE the number, and the ships get brighter. When you lower it they get darker. I would have incorporated this into the mod, but since Ironclad never fixed the Nvidia/ATI bugs it is here as an optional tweak. Use it only if you wish to. Just make a backup of the original file in case you screw it up.

Thank you Admiral Cobbs for finding this :)

Changes from Soa 2 demo initial release to demo 0.01b

Added proper ship pictures, Avatars, and icons for all of the Mod Factions.
Buffed Dominion Devastator to be able to stand up in a fight better.
Added more weapon hardpoints to Cardassian Galor, and Keldon Class's
Added more weapon hardpoints to the Dominion Devastator Class
Added temporary 3rd party LCAR's Style HUD. 
Fixed all english string errors.

Changes from SoA2 demo 0.01b to 0.02

Disabled the Vanilla sins factions from being selectable.
Moved Venture Refit to carrier slot to make room for the Sovereign (to be added in future update).
Disabled ships going transparant during warp (phase jump).
Added 1st part of a new original SoA 2 LCAR's Style HUD. 
1st attempt at balancing mod. Tried to give ships proper stats. Not the best, but better than what it was before.
I tried to balance vs the AI. Human opponents may require different types of balancing.
Added some new weapon effects, and sounds.
Added only canon Dominion War era Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen ships.
Added Shield meshes to all modded ships.
Removed aft torpedo from Defiant because it was causing targeting issues. She was getting stuck in position and not firing. Buffed dorsal Phasers to compensate. She only used the aft photon torpedo once in battle vs the Lakota.
Reduced the price of the Defiant to a more reasonable level.
Matched beam weapon durations to thier sound effects durations. This eliminated some sound issues.
Matched beam muzzle effects to beam durations
lowered volume on some sound effects, because they were way too loud in game. Especially when many ships fired at once.

Changes from demo 0.02 to 0.03a "The Klingo/Federation Skirmish". 

Completely re-built the mod, and Converted all mod assets to work with Sins patch versions 1.1 through 1.12 (Major Stress/Darkshimmer).
Fixed strike craft spawning issues, and added strike craft to the mod. Federation only for now. Klingons use vanilla sins units (Major Stress).
Discontinued the elite/standard system due to lack of UI space available. All factions use the sins standard 15 combat unit slots (Major Stress).
Completely redone all weapon hardpoints, and weapon stats (Major Stress/Darkshimmer). 
Darkshimmer incorprated a new balancing system. Completely rebalanced the mod (Darkshimmer).
Added full ship lineups to all of the factions. All 15 combat slots for each faction now has a unit. in appropriete roletype (Major Stress).
Reduced the number of playable factions from six to four (Major Stress).
Added new ships to Pirate Faction, The pirate raid fleets can be made up of ships from any random faction (Darkshimmer). 
Buffed the pirate base. (Darkshimmer)
Added new weapon sounds, and effects. Tweaked some existing effects (Darkshimmer).
Incorporated Manshooters Volumetric Explosions mod (Major Stress).
Fixed map issues. Maps now spawn proper builders and shipyards (Darkshimmer)
Added some new voice responces to the Federation, and Klingons (Darkshimmer)
Klingons have some new theme music (Darkshimmer)
Romulans have some new theme music (Darkshimmer)

Changes from demo 0.03a to 0.03a1

Fixed major crash issue with pirate raids. (Major Stress/Darkshimmer)
Removed abilitys from ships. They were not needed, and proper abilitys will be done in 0.04.
Tweaked effects, and gave ships proper planet bombing effects that didnt have them

Changes from demo 0.03a1 to 0.03a2

Replaced files that were missing from SoA2 0.03a1
Updated some weapon fx.
updated some ship stats.


Known Issues: Being that this is a demo there will no doubt be issues. Some are listed below.

Major issues:

Weapons fire through the firing ships own hulls, and some fire at wierd angles: This cannot be fixed. The current firing arcs of sins are pretty basic, and they are HARDCODED. The Forward, left, right, and back Firing arcs covering 180 degrees are the only arcs available. There is no way to narrow down, or control the angles at which weapons fire at present. The game will require a complete re-write to change this. Hopefully this will be done in a future expansion. What we have done is reworked the weapons to try to "minimize" instances of weapons firing through the hulls. There will still be some cases of it happening. Just know it is hardcoded.

Cloaking is still a work in progress. What we have now is a "functional" cloak, but it still needs more effects work. It also needs more work to function for each ship that will use it.

All non-strike craft ships come to a screeching halt to fight. Ships do not maneuver around. Ship Movement is another hardcode annoyance. The Sins dev's said they will try to incorporate more types of ship movement in the future expansions. For now we are stuck with ships standing still to fight.

Much more that i wont list. Just know that we are aware of many problems and we are working to fix them.

Minor issues:

Demo 0.03 is still a "Ships Only" demo. No research tree's, ability's, or structures have been included.

Some Models, and textures seem "low resolution", and are "lacking".... Noooooooooo! Really?? :/  

As i said the majority of the models were ported over from the Trekmods Sacrifice of Angels 1, and Favor the Bold mods. These models ARE Low Resolution, and for good reason. This mod is expected to use Hundreds of ships on the map at the same time. Sometimes Thousands if your PC can handle it. The Models from the original SoA, and FTB mods fit perfectly into this plan, and you will thank me later when your computer doesnt fry itself when 500+ ships jump into your gravity well with 500+ of your own ships there waiting for them. We are not making this mod for "Computer Elitist". We are making it so that any computer that can run sins can also run the SoA 2 mod with no problems. You want higher resolution ships? Feel free to make them yourself, but dont complain when you wind up breaking the mod, or your battles run at two frames per second at best.

No trek style research tree's. Research will be a priority in Demo 0.04. For now most mod related research prerequisites are disabled.

No Structures yet. Demo 0.04 will also focus on adding proper structures.

Elites, and some regular units should have ability's, but do not. Again, this will be tackled in demo 0.04, and will be constant WIP's.

Some Ships use vanilla sins effects for planet bombing. We will get around to changing this eventually.

Klingons are still using vanilla sins strike craft. We havent made a fighter model for them yet.4

Misc weapon, sound, and graphic flaws: These are DEMOS. The sounds, weapons, and effects are works in progress.

Units have no ability's: We will be working on appropriate Trek ability's for all units in demo 0.04.

No appropriate music, and/or voiceovers:  We are still working on appropriete sounds, voices, and music for the factions. All audio for the mod are works in progress.


Demo 0.03 Faction Overview's

The Dominion can easily out match the other factions in the early game, but as time passes they become a close match to the Federation. Since the Dominion now include the Cardassian, and Breen units. They have a much more versitile force.

The Klingons have been worked over, and now include many non-canon units. Mostly from influenced by FASA. The Klingons use a mixture of cheap attrition units, and powerful Elite warships. 

The Romulans tend to use the "go big, or go home" docterine. However there are some small versitile units in the Romulan navy as well. Like the Klingons the Romulans have been reworked using FASA as an influence. 

The Federation remains a versitile force by its variety of units to chose from. They remain the only faction that are using strictly canon units.


A Note on "Elite" units:

They are the same thing as a sins capital ship. However in SoA 2 an "elite" may, or may not be a true capital ship. For example the Excelsior II Lakota refit is an elite unit, but is only a cruiser. Elites are the "hero" units of SoA 2. They stand out over other typical cannon fodder, and attrition units. They gain levels, and use ability's just like sins capitals do. We are working on removing the free flagship at the beginning of the game, because its a game breaker.


I printed who made what model on the models texture sheets (-cl texture). If the 3rd party model credits i printed are incorrect please contact me so i can give proper credit where it is due. If no credit is on the texture, It is because there was no room to print it. However i will list the author/s here. Here is a list of all who worked on, and/or contributed to SoA 2.

The Trekmods Team.. in alphabetical order

Charvell: Modeler and texture artist. (retired)
Dasher42: Code monkey elite (retired)
Dolphoenix: Modeler, and Texture artist. SoA/FTB project lead (Retired)
Howader: Modeler (retired)
Major Stress aka The Stress Puppy: Modeler, Texture artist, Limited scripter, SoA2 Gameplay design, SoA 2 project lead.
Redragon: Modeler, and Texture artist (retired)
Shadow: Modeler, and Texture artist (retired)
Thomas the Cat aka Thomas Marrone. Concept, and texture artist
Vorlon: Texture artist

The Digital Underground Team

Darkshimmer: Scripter, SoA 2 Balancing, SoA 2 Gameplay design, and SoA 2 Effects
Darkthunder: Artist, Webmaster, Playtester
Darkdrone: Model and texture artist.
Ghostcat: The guy that said "we would never finish this mod" :p :D
Stone Dog: our tank in WoW, CoV, and Warhammer :D

Other artist that contributed to help make SoA 2 possible. Major Stress, digital Underground, and Trekmods Thanks you for your contributions and support.

Manshooter (Volumetric Explosions mod)
Happy the Hobo (Faction Icons)
Lord Tareq (Cloak foundation code)
Fehdman (Effects)
CaptJono (intro video)
Admiral Cobbs (Effects, Tweaks, Playtesting)
Pneumonic 81 aka Rick Knox (models)
Cleeve (models)
C2Xtreme (models)
You-Cheng Hsieh (Textures)
SNS (models)
Moonraker (models)
Atrahasis (models)
Eliteforces2 (Models)
Thus11 (Models)
Atolm (models)
Wicked Zombie (models)
Taldren (Models)

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Klingon Academy, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please do not modify any of the mod files, or the included textures with out seeking the authors opinion, or permission first. Nothing legal here. It is just polite, and shows respect to all of the talented artist's who worked hard to made this mod possible.

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