Sins of a Solar Empire - Future Wars - tactical simulator

sins_fw_a0.1.exe —


total conversion for the popular game "Sins of a Solar Empire". This mod is so to speak the "little brother" of the mod "Star Trek Armada II - Future Wars" which couldn't be released yet, because of some unfinished work.As mentioned above this mod is a total conversion. That means all existing races are being removed from the game and replaced by new ones from the Star Trek universe.At first we had our doubts wether this project could even be realized, since Frankie and me(Drako) were nearly working alone on the Future Wars project for Armada II. But we've got new support by S3ler. At this point: welcome to the team S3ler!We aren't sure about the size of mod project ourselves yet, so just wait and see!The plans are:TOTAL CONVERSION- 5 new races-> Federation-> Klingons-> Romulans-> Dominion(Dominion, Cardassians, Breen)-> Maquis(renegade Starfleet members, Bajorans, Ferengi)- new star bases- new ships- super weapons(possibly)- new skin- and some nice little expansions and surprises we're going to reveal bit by bitStaff:Frankie - Model converter, scripting, possibly the girl for everythingDrako - everything connected to graphics, scripting, 2nd girl for everything, taking care of the stuff girl no. 1 abandonedRaab - creation of particle effectsS3ler - scripter, tech tree


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