Sins of a Solar Empire Mod - Sins Of The Younger Races v0.4202

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Babylon 5 - Sins of the Younger Races

Disclaimer: The authors are not responsible for any damage that may arise from using this mod. This mod may not be sold under any circumstances. It may be downloaded, bundled with other mods as long as it does not violate the laws of the state/country you live in and this disclaimer is distributed with it. For other used please contact me personally.

Thanks to the TEAM: 2D Artist: SteinerX Coders: EvilTesla-RG, zRazor (Ronie Albesa), Zvezdochets, Tobias Liebhart (TobiWahn_Kenobi) Modelers: Fileosoft, Koobalt, Timmaigh, zRazor (Ronie Albesa), Stefan May, Zvezdochets, Tobias Liebhart (TobiWahn_Kenobi) Musician: Pauli Valkeejrvi (Hawkwall) Research: Rodney "HotRod" Jenkins, Darvroth PR: SteinerX Texturers: SteinerX, TFL_BigBangTheory, Timmaigh, ZombiesRus5, Tobias Liebhart (TobiWahn_Kenobi) Bughunters: Peter1x9, ZombiesRus5

And to MysticAngel for the Automated Fighter docking ability

Sounds provided by: Zvezdochets

And thanks to all those modelers whose work is a inspiration and a template for creating ingame assets

If I forgot anyone, please contact me so I can give proper credit. (There seem to be so many decent people involved at the moment)

PreAlpha 0.42 for Sins Diplomacy 1.34


Races: Minbari EA Narn Centauri Shadows Vorlon Models:

General: Jumpgate Minbari: Tinashi *NEW* Nial (Tishat) Flyer *NEW* Sharlin (Sharkaan, Sharoos) Neroon *NEW* Earth Alliance: Avenger Carrier Artemis Frigate *NEW* Hermes Transport *NEW* Omega Destroyer *NEW* Hyperion Sagittarius Cruiser Starfury Aurora Victory Destroyer EA Explorer *NEW* Apollo Shadows: Ancient Battlecrab DeathCloud!

Narn: G'Quan BinTak *NEW* Ka'Toc *NEW* Dag'Kar Frazi *NEW* Gorith *NEW* Centauri: Vorchan *NEW* Centurion *NEW* Liati *NEW* Vorlon: Heavy Cruiser Light Cruiser *NEW* Abilities: Many removed, will be added again in 0.43

Starbases: Basic Starbases for younger Races ( Military, Jumpgate ) Jumpgates for EA, Narn, Centauri and Minbari Research: EA Centauri Minbari Narn Basic Vorlon and Shadow (not structured) GUI: Fonts Intro Music Loadscreens Intro Videos *NEW* Icons Music: Battle music 1 & 2 Quiet music 1, 2, 4, 5 *NEW* Sounds: Vorchan Ion cannon

Please remember, this is a pre-Alpha for play-testing purposes. If you want to contribute, here's the link


Yours TobiWahn Kenobi (Tobias Liebhart)

Remark: For those of you disliking the blue Jumpgate effect, under textures, there is a file called JumpGateEffectOrange.tga Rename this to JumpGateEffect.tga and you have the orange effect.


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