Sins of a Solar Empire v1.05 Patch



Check below for changes. This patch should include all previous updates and is not required for the version published by Kalypso in Europe.



v1.05 Changes:

    * Fixed bug deallocating particle pool memory.
    * Fixed cargo ship related crash caused when loading a saved game.
    * Increased the maximum length of map description text. If the text is too long, it will no longer crash the game.
    * AI missions no longer continue if a human player has taken over for them.
    * AI controlled units will no longer still have AI-control if a human player has taken over for them.
    * Fixed crash when attempting to toggle the autocast state for an uncontrollable ship/planet module.
    * Fixed capturable resource mines from being considered damageable.
    * Fixed sync error in multiplayer games caused by cannon autocast targetting.
    * Fixed squad owner infocards to gracefully handle large numbers of squads (100+).
    * Fixed crash if you run out of video memory when loading textures.
    * Planet asteroid setup now uses TotalMaxResourcesAsteroids parameter again.
    * Added two new maps: Melting Point and Ancient Gifts.
    * ICO accounts will now be forced to logout if you attempt to login with the same account.
    * Malice changed to fix CPU issues in the late game due to previous implementation of the ability. Malice now accumulates damage on affected targets and then spreads that damage when the buff expires, rather than spreading damage as soon as damage is applied. Its duration, cooldown and AM cost have all been reduced to reflect this. Malice is now target capped as well at 8/16/24 targets.
    * Fixed bug in galaxy generator related to vertical planet offsets when planets are too close together.
    * New default texture quality settings set.

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