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Blue-alert.gifCan anyone remember when we used to be explorers? - Jean Luc Picard 15 years have past since the first Dominion War. Voyager has since returned home, and the Borg threat seems to have been eliminated. The Romulan people have firm control of their government once again. The Reman population has been emancipated, and are now enjoying privilages as full citizens of the Romulan empire. The lessons of Shinzon have been learned.The Federation for the first time in decades enjoyed peace. Still rebuilding, and wary from previous conflicts Starfleet remains vigalant. Especially with new turns of events.Chanceller Martok of the Klingon Empire has "dissapeared" No one knows the fate of the empires benevolent Chancellor. Many belive he was murdered, A succesor named Kodan has stepped up to take his place. He is as xenophobic as he is bloodthirsty. He calls himself the new "Emperor". Dismissing Khaless as a fraud. Kodan has a following of many "Glory seekers" that practice ways from the old times. He rules with an "iron fist" compared to previous Klingon rulers. Kodan reminds some within the empire of the Tyrant Molar. Some within the empire call Kodan the "Userper", but wont say so out loud, because those that do wont live very long afterwards. They await one with the courage, and honor of Khaless to challange him. Relations with the Federation are not too cozy right now.The Romulan Empire reverted back to its old ways of isolationonism, and subterfuge. Though the Romulan Empire retained some "good" relations with the Federation since the events of Shinzon. Trade, and commerce have thrived since, and there was a time where it was thought that the neutral zone would become a thing of the past. However that has changed. There are those who still support the old imperial "manifest destiny". Where they think only the Rihansu are worthy enough to rule the galaxy, and all non-Rihansu are nothing more than subject races beneith them to be exploited.The Dominion have maintained peacefull if cool relations with the other factions since the first war. They still remain bitter at their defeat, and surrender. Animosity runs rampant within the Founders despite Odos re-assurances that the "Solids" can be trusted. Odo realized that the Founders truly did not want peace, and the surrender was to buy time to rebuild their forces, and plan a strategy for a new invasion. All of the peacefull overtures made by the Dominion were a ruse to provide a false sense of security. Odo now part of the great link could do nothing. He was effectively silenced as was part of the founders plan.With the help of their old Breen allies the Dominion broke the peace treaty of 2373, and stormed through the wormhole with a vengeance. Reconquering Cardassia, and Bajor. They launched a three pronged assault on the three major Alpha Quadrant powers. Just as before the founders are intent on total domination of "the solids". This time there may be no stopping them. The Breen went out of their way to re-join their old allies, and spearheaded the initial assault with hundreds of cruisers warping in just as the Dominion main assault fleets exited the wormhole. Deep Space Nine despite her powerfull upgrades, and garrison fleet was destroyed in minutes. The wormhole is now under total Dominion control. With endless re-enforcements pouring through. Cardassia, and Bajor are now enslaved worlds. The Cardassians that survived the new invasion are now used by the Dominion as "battle thralls" as punishment for their past betrayal. It is a slow death sentence imposed by the Founders. Cardassian ships are forced to spearhead suicide missions, or provide a shield wall for the Jem Hadar, and Breen. All Cardassian ships in Dominion fleets seek to mutiny, and break away from thier masters. They seek refuge in ether Federation, or the Klingon space. The three major Alpha Quadrant powers, The Federation, The Klingon Empire, and The Romulan Star Empire can withstand the new Dominion assaults on thier own. Thier relations strained by ether subterfuge, or the belief that only they can win the Second Dominion War by themselves. All three empires are holding the line....for now. The Klingon, and Romulan empires will not stop with the Dominion if they are victorious, and the Federation knows this. Meanwhile.... As four major empires are fighting for survival, control, or domination.. Transwarp signatures are detected. The Borg have returned. The transwarp network was not destroyed as previously thought. Only damaged. The Borg Collective views the Alpha Quadrant species the most serious threat to their existance. Especially species 5618 (Humans). They attack not with just a few ships, but with the force of the entire collective. Worlds fall in minutes. Then all are exterminated. Assimilation is irrelivent. All must be annihilated if the collective is to survive.... Resistance is futile. Know that it is the year 2388, and the Known galaxy is now in a state of Total War... SoA 2 is a continuation, and tribute to the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. Much of the mods concept, and art came from SoA 1.SoA 2 tells the story from your factions point of view about a non-canon "Second Dominion War" which escalates into an all out fight for survival when the Borg return in full force. You can control ether the United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire, The Dominion Confederacy, or The Borg Collective (in a future update). The lore posted above is still a WIP, but gives you a gereral idea on the direction we are taking this mod. Since ST: 2009 has effectively wiped out all that we knew from the prime universe we can make up our own story's, and lore. We can continue adventures in the prime TNG timeline without regard to this new "canon". In the "new canon" the TNG timeline as we knew it does not exist anymore. We are continuing the TNG timeline as if ST:2009 never existed. Not that it was a bad movie. It just "complicates" things too much to accept its events as canon. In the lore of the mod the year is 2388. That is an intentional disregard to the new "canon". The events of ST:2009 started in 2387. In this mod there was no great galactic supernova. No "Red Matter". Romulus, and Vulcan still very much exist. Nero is still persuing his life of "honest labor"... At least until the Borg arrive.All news, and updates for SoA 2 will be posted hereUPDATED 01/27/2010 11:13 AM ESTWe now have a new mod team line Major Stress (Returning Soon)Jtaylorpcs (Project lead)Dragoon4ever (Project Admin)Loki (Project Admin)Eomega (modeler 2d & 3d)Elladan (modeler 2d & 3d) Mystic Angel (Coding & ?)Psychoak (abilities & ?)Ghettomire ( sounds & ?)LoTek (string work) The mod team has grown and so has the talent pool. We at the SOA2 mod team believe in cooperation among all modders and welcome any feedback. We have launched our beta test. The new mod team is already hard at work imporving upon SOA2 and we still hope for a release Jan/27/2010 . Check back soon for updates. We are currently in need of abilities for ships, so if you have any ideas for them let us know! They can be sent to one of the team leaders or to [email protected] Debug and request site http://code.google.com/p/sinssoa2sacrificeofangels/ SoA 2 DownloadsFor Original SinsSacrifice of Angels 2 for Original SinsThis version will only work in the Original Version of Sins of a Solar Empire patched to 1.1181It will NOT work in Entrenchment, or DiplomacyRead the readme for installation instructuctions and other important informationThis version is a rebuild of 0.03c using some of the upcoming 0.4e components. This version is not supported by us. Please do not post about any bugs, or issues about this version, because all of our time, and manpower is being focused on the Entrenchment version. Use this mod AT YOUR OWN RISK. I made this version only as a courtesy, because 0.4e is taking a very VERY long time to finish, and there are still those that do not have Entrenchment.I do authorize any 3rd party to fix this version, or if any 3rd party wishes to "downgrade" any Entrenchment, or Diplomacy version of the mod to Original Sins. We just do not have the time, or manpower to do it ourselves. If you do this please contact me so i add your fix to the mod, and give proper credit where it is due.Blue-alert.gifFor EntrenchmentSacrifice of Angels 2 for EntrenchmentVersion 0.4e release .http://www.filefront.com/15443995/SOA2%200.4E.rarRelease date Jan 28 2010THIS RELEASE IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH ENTRENCHMENT 1.041 , If you are wanting to play SOA2 then dont update to ENTRENCHMENT 1.05This release is not final nor complete in any way shape or form, but is playable and the most complete release to date of Soa2 for Entrenchment. Please read all of the applicable read me files and "get familiar with our debug site". Feed back is welcomed and wanted. Consider this release a little teaser of what is to come with Soa2. Also this is more or less a public beta release of Soa2, Balance has NOT BEEN ADDRESSED 100% That is what you are here for!!! Have Fun enjoy and LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! Blue-alert.gif_ For DiplomacySacrifice of Angels 2 for DiplomacyVersion ?? TBA, and if there is enough interest in Diplomacy to make a port.For HomeworldSee the mod that started it all. Voted one of the best mods for Homeworld.The Original Sacrifice of Angels mod for HomeworldYou must have Homeworld patched to 1.05 to use this modTo install just extract all contents into your Homeworld directory


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