SOL Vs Orion 2 VS 3 map ESport V.1

sol_vs_orion_2_vs_3_map_esport_v.1.rar —


astroalignment and real planetnames in SOL system.Basic Use: Player 1 and 2 Vs Player 3, 4 and 5.Other Use: Free for All.SOL System Pros: Easy to defend, Ally within system and is nightbour, long way from Orion. Easiest trade.SOL System cons: Two vs three. Long phase lines. Distance between good planets.Orion System Pros: Short phase lines. Easy access to other planets. Star is close to other Orion stars. More valuable trade. Long way from SOL.Orion System Cons: Few planets, No moons and asteroids. Harder to defend. Each player defend their star alone unntil backup arrives from allies from other stars.NOTE! The game had no real moons or dwarf planet designs so I had to improvise some of the SOL system features.


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