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Admiral_Cobbs has a great little mini mod for us today with improves the aesthetics of the TEC Rail Guns to be more in-line with what the de...


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Admiral_Cobbs has a great little mini mod for us today with improves the aesthetics of the TEC Rail Guns to be more in-line with what the developer Admiral_Cobbs saw in Stargate Atlantis

So if you are after more of an intense feeling battle, then this little mod is for you!

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Download 'railguns.zip' (1.43MB)


Ok, there was alot of stuff about the game that I originally just didn’t like or thought it could be different.  So I went about making these changes for my own game & decided that mabey someone else would like them too.  So here they are....

Rail Guns:

Basically this changes the TEC weapons to a blue and white theme (i.e. blue beams and bullets) but the auto cannon has been changed to reflect a "Rail Gun Vibe" which I personally think is very cool.


Very interesting to note here with these changes, is that the originals were 4 MB and looked fairly decent.  I used Adobe Photoshop to alter the backgrounds but went I went to save them I had several choices.  If I saved them with a compression that was similar in size to the originals, they looked hella crappy in game, if I saved them with the best quality compression then they looked gr8 but it shot their size up to 85MB's so I just went with it.  But again sorry bout the size, only other way is to make them look worse.  Anyway's, on to the background changes...

Enhanced Original Backgrounds:

These are the games stock backgrounds with some touch-up's & some small changes to make them look either more appealing or more realistic. 

New Sins Backgrounds:

These I did for those who wanted a lil' something new in terms of backgrounds.  some of them are meant to be more realistic, while other were designed to be more artistic.  Such as the "Divine Space" background.  Because they are numbered, seperate files you can pick and choose which ones you want installed.  Here is a key for their numbers:

Background2: Original-Bright Blue, New-Divine Space
Background3: Original-Unused Red, New-Same(because game never seems to use it)
Background4: Original-Green Clouds, New-Green Nebula/Storm
Background5: Original-Bright Red Swirls, New-Unused Red Clouds (Darkened)
Background6: Original-Darker Blue w/white, New-Purple Nebula
Background7: Original-Mostly Stars w/ blue nebula's, New-Enhanced version of the same thing

With this you you can choose which ones you want to install and which ones you dont...=P


Forgotten Outposts-Parza Ateriod Belt:

This kind of a cool map, it takes plae in a large asteriod belt, but the home planets are asteriods with only one other asteriod to colonize.  Which means money will come invery slowly and you & your enemys fleets cant get any bigger than 4 cap.'s.  A great map for lower end machines or someone looking for a challenge.

Empires & Independents:

With this map I really beefed up the local militia on the Independent planets so they would actually be a force you had to contend with.



Rail Guns:

Place the files in the texture folder into the texture folder of your enabled mod, do the same with the particle & GameInfo files.  The Texture animations file goes into what ever mod folder you have enabled.


Place in the texture folder, if you are using a mod it needs to go into that texture folder, if not in the main game texture folder.


These go into the galaxy folder in your MAIN GAME DIRECTORY here: C:\Program Files\Stardock Games\Sins of a Solar Empire


Just replace the modded files with the back-ups that you hopefully made during installation.

Bugs/Known Issues:

Apart from the size, one of the enhanced original backgrounds has a small seem in the middle.  This seam does not show up in the dds file & I think the game dev.'s originally made that part white to hide that seam.  At any rate, I cant do anything about it except make it white like they did to hide it....


First to StarDock & Ironclad for making such a fantastic game, To BailKnight for his wonderful enhancement mod and Lastly, to the 'Great Gaming Gods'..... =p

Up-Date v1.1(changes):

New “light rail guns” or Mark 1’s (yellow)
New “heavy rail guns” or Mark 2’s (blue/white)
Shorter bursts & slightly increased damage.

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