The Battle of Mazari



This is my second scenario - The Battle of Mazari. This is the first mission dealing with the Vasari-TEC War. It takes place months into the war which has seen sporadic dogfighting and bloody battles along the front lines. This is a dense mix of asteroids representing an asteroid belt around a star. There are lots of phase lanes, some dead ends some confusing paths making you galavant around the map like a headless chicken.

Each Asteroid is named by my own little convention. I divided the area into sectors called localities. each number on the asteroid that appears in game is the Y position of the asteroid on the Map. Therefore 890 Sukar is positioned 890 on the map in the Sukar Locality. Obviously because of the naming convention being the Y coordinate 793 Triaca will be a good bit away from 1081 Palas (opposite ends of the map actually) Player - Trade Emergency Coalition Military Enemy - Vasari Empire


The Enemy have begun construction of a fortification somewhere in the vicinity of the Triaca Locality on the other side of the field. Our intelligence reports point to either asteroid 802-Triaca or asteroid 794-Triaca. We have established our forward base in orbit of asteroid 1196-Palas. Our Engineering Corps have constructed a strong base there. We must fortify it.

We have 2 recon groups and 2 strike groups operating within the field. We must clear the Mazari system of enemy forces in order to re-establish our presence in the sector. No doubt you will need to reinforce your position as this is looking likely to be a bloody and long battle. Due to our operations in other vital sectors what you start out with in this sector is all we can give you at this moment in time. More help should arrive.

Recon G1 is currently deployed in 911 Kasha in the Kasha Locality. Strike Group 1 has taken up a defensive position around 985 Cehan within the Cehan locality. The U.S.S Galaxy leads under command of Commander Nuwon. Both groups will protect our right flank. Scans show the enemy has taken up positions both the Sukar and Renna localities. Their ships have been spotted operating near 880 Sukar.

Recon G2 is currently deployed in 933 Elhael Strike Group 2 is holding the line at 990 Nirea led by Commander Pienaar onboard U.S.S. Constellation. The Garda Locality is crawling with enemy ships. Long range sensors have detected several small battlegroups operating in the area. They are using the interference from the asteroids to hide their positions. we believe that the enemy has a sizeable force protecting the area around 875 Garda

Further more, the Mazari Militia are operating around the Mazari Sun, The Mazari are caught in the middle of the fight - you should keep them on side. They can be bribed to not hinder our operations in this system and if the price is right they will attack our enemy. Make sure you keep them on side as we do not have the force to fight both the enemy and the local Mazari. However when you drive the enemy out, annhilate the Mazari. Total control of this system is vital. Also reports from Arcova Scout 129 confirm the presence of mercenarry, privateer and other unaligned combative ships. If they hinder our operations in this system, use lethal force. This system is vital to the sector. If we loose this system then our position along this entire front is in jeopardy.

Read the Briefing, Installation Instructions and Hint & Tips carefuly before starting!



Please consult information files contained in pack.

Free usage policy for this mod, you may use this in any shape or form. Just let me know what you are gonna do with it;)


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