The Siege

This is the Siege. Its not just a map. Its a scenario. It includes and map and a saved game. Play as the TEC against the evil advent. There...


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This is the Siege. Its not just a map. Its a scenario. It includes and map and a saved game. Play as the TEC against the evil advent. There is no building, just fighting. Your fleet and your enemy fleet is already there, in fact the battles are about to get into full swing when you load up the game - its a baptism of fire. You are outclassed, outgunned and severely outnumbered. Half you fleet is stranded in a distant system and you need to get them to your homeworld to help lift the siege.

Briefing: Our republic is on the brink of collapse, following the disastrous battles of Kima’ra, Taygeta, Setilia, Calilea and Baydir over the past two weeks the enemy has gained the upper hand. Most of outer systems have been annexed and our fleet has fully retreated to our homeworld in preparation for a massive enemy assault. One of our planets Solaris has been evacuated as we do not have the ships to defend it, enemy ships are inbound to Solaris as we speak. Survivors of the battle of Taygeta and Remora have regrouped and rallied in the Katanka System but are bogged down in system, Commander Ziri has remobilized them into Battlegroup 9. Between them and us, is the entire enemy fleet. Our very existence is in the balance we must save our future now and withstand this siege.

Our forces in Katanka are our only hope of lifting the siege but they themselves are surrounded by enemy forces in the Kiruna and Catalpha Systems. Furthermore with reports of planetary bombardment warheads being deployed in the Onysaka System we must act soon or else we will be wiped from existence.

Our current Fleet disposition is defensive. We are deployed in three systems – Solaris, our Homeworld and Katanka. Our Fleet size is as follows 127 Cruiser/Frigates and 20 Capital ships.

The Enemy has 38 Capital ships including one of our own commandeered from the Battle of Baydir. We do not know the full Cruiser/Frigate Fleet size of the Enemy only that they may outnumber us 4 to 1. We must defend our positions and rebuild our devastated fleets.

A short while ago we detected a massive fleet imbound towards our homeworld, prepare for the beginning of the end

Please read the installation instructions very carefully :)

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Download 'iksthesiegemap.rar' (186KB)

Installation Instructions:

1. Place the .Galaxy file named "The Siege" into the Galaxy folder in your Sins root directory,

2. Place the texture file for the map called "ScenarioPicture-TheSiege.tga" into the texture folder

3. Go to the folder named String and open up the English.str file in notepad.  
   Press ctrl-f to bring up the find button. Search for IDS_CUSTOMGALAXY and press ok. 
   When the finder brings you to the CustomGalaxy section place the following text after the end of the AGAMEMNONSBOUNTY string where it says greatest rewards."

	Value "Our Republic faces doom. On every side the enemy lies waiting to end our existence. Defend the homeworlds and drive them out of the homes they took from us. Glory awaits you!"

4. Save and Exit

5.	Place the .save and .stat files into the following folder

	"C:Documents and Settings*YOURNAME*Local SettingsApplication DataIronclad GamesSins of a Solar EmpireSave-SinglePlayer"

	Where *YOURNAME* is your name :)

To play this game, simply start up and load the saved games menu and go to the single player saved games page and open The Siege Part 1

This allows you to play the game in mid action which is the whole point of this map scenario.

This map can also be played from scratch but I am unsure if it will be any good.


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