The Spiders Web



This is the Spider's Web, a brand new map designed by Gizola. The name is derived from the phase lane layout between the planets and stellar bodies in this sector. Even though its a pretty small sector is will be tough especially since the centre is swarming with pirates operating out of four strategically imperative planets making a pirate attack on any part of the map quick and deadly so don't be stingy with your money, keep the bounty up on your enemies.

Speaking of enemies, there are seven other races to compete with. Each periphery of the map contains two home planets adjacent to each other with a wormhole the only buffer between them. There is not much colonizable and defendable positions in this sector so you have to be quick with your "aggressive expansion". Map is recommended for any 8 player combo such as 4v4 or 2v2v2v2 or even a battle royale FFA! Another very well designed map so check it out!

Note: Make sure to take note that this requires a patched 1.1 version of Sins!



works for V 1.1

How To install 
After you have extracted the file just place the map in your galaxy folder here:
C:Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Local/Settings/ApplicationData/Ironclad Games/Sins of a Solar Empire/Galaxy

The Spiders Web is a large map With many colonizable worlds but heres the twist!...Your Rivals are only 1 world away so prep your defenses well. Best Played on 2V2V2V2 4V4 Or if your up for a challenge FFA

Enjoy =)

Feel Free to edit the map with galaxy forge just give credit to me for original Design

Message me at [email protected] if you find anything wrong with the map or if there are any flaws thank you =)

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